UGears Modular Dice Tower Wooden Puzzle and Construction Kit

How to spend time with benefit and joy both for a large company and a couple of people? For many years now, tabletop games have been the answer. Monopoly, Munchkin, various adventure games — with their help, people get to know each other better, show resistance to stress, and just have fun with opponents and friends.

All of these games include dice. Sometimes, using them correctly brings some complications. Firstly, not everyone knows how to throw them properly. Secondly, dice scatter around the table and, at the same time, touch the figures and change their position. Besides, they can fall or get lost, which may become a problem for pet owners. One may not manage to pick dice up, the animal can swallow them, and a visit to a vet will be inevitable. That’s why UGears puzzles come to the rescue.

Wooden Dice Tower by UGears

The company provides a great addition to board games ­ Wooden Dice Tower by UGears.

A set, which is made of natural wood, can be also considered as a separate fun. It can be folded many times without glue. Authentic designs and patterns delight the eye and inspire imagination. The mechanism is quite light, and it comes with 172 ready-made parts, which do not need to be cut. Besides, there are up to 4 cubes, one for each player. Into the bargain, they can be reorganized and turned into one tall or two smaller towers. This activity requires 1 to 3 hours of time.

The player rolls the dice; they fall and land on the pallet. Thanks to the obstacles, there are several changes of direction. As a result, the possibility of cheating is eliminated since a random combination falls out, and you do not need to search for dice all over the room.

Also, this company provides a choice of different mechanical models, which are worth taking a look at the official website.

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