6 Tricks to Get More Money while You Sell Off Your Car

More than 40 million used cars were expected to be sold off in 2016. How can you attract attention to your used car?

There are several easy sales tricks for selling your car. Let’s check them out.

  1. Help your Car Look Awesome

This is not at all surprising; however, people prefer to buy the clean and nice looking cars. Things like dirt and stains will make your car appear older and cheaper than it is, giving the impression that you have not been maintaining it properly. This is the most significant aspect of selling cars. You need to convince the buyers that you have taken proper care of your car.

Even if you have an old car, you can undertake a few things to make it more shiny and attractive. You certainly want to make it appear as new as possible.

  1. Gather Car Information

Most people overlook this step until the end but the selling process must begin by gathering all the paperwork. You need to keep the service records and car’s title handy.

You probably know the basics such as the make, model, year and the current mileage. However, there are high chances that you don’t know the style of your car and the optional features like navigation system, CD player, etc. The options can increase the resale value of your car; so make sure that you have a complete list.


If you don’t have the service receipts, you can ask the dealer, the mechanic or the oil change centre if they can print a statement summarising the visits. Information like this reassures the buyer, informing him that the car is in great shape. This will help you to get a higher price as well.

  1. Click As Many Detailed Pictures as Possible

When people browse car listings online, the more details they find about a given car, higher are the chances for them to find something appealing. Make sure to click as many high-resolution images as possible.

The modern point and shoot cameras come with great range as well as amazing picture quality. Do not take pictures with cell phone cameras as they have a tendency to compress images and decrease the quality.

  1. Emphasise Technology

Regardless of the make and the year of your car, make sure to emphasise the technology. Today, people, chiefly the youngsters, are interested to know about the things the car has in offer in terms of technology.

Find out what others have to say about their cars, the technologies they are highlighting. You need to do the same for your car.

Technology sells. Make sure that you are not left behind.

Detailed Pictures

You can also add some personalised aftermarket technology. You can choose from the remote start, navigation system or maybe a three-month subscription.

Apart from technology, the personalised car number plates are also a great attraction. You can inform the buyers that your car has a DVLA registered personalised number plate. This will increase the resale value of your car substantially.

  1. Get it Serviced and Repair the Obvious Flaws

Is anything wrong with your car? If you can’t find anything wrong, get it checked by a professional. If you find a problem, fix it as soon as possible.

In case it’s time for you to change the oil, go for it. Remember that all the savvy buyers are well aware of the ways to check for burnt oil.

If your car needs a lot of repairs, there is little need to pay huge amounts of money to get it repaired.

Make sure that you fix the little things you know will stick to the buyer’s mind.

Also, fix the bigger things if that affects the look of your car; for example, a huge dent. Repairing the dent won’t cost you much but you will get a better resale value.

  1. Get the Opinion of Friends

You must have heard that first impressions are very important. So, get the opinion of your friends. Ask them what comes to their mind as soon as they see your car. You can use their opinion to better your prospects of selling the car at a higher price. If your friend points out that your car has a great sound system, include that in the advertisement. If another friend of yours says that your car is quite roomy, you can include that as well.

Car Look Awesome

Don’t get disturbed by the negative comments. Use them. If your friends point out a given problem, fix that. This will help you to anticipate a buyer’s objections and find much less difficulty in selling off your car.

Observing these steps will help you secure a higher price for your car.

A word of caution.

If you are handling the final transaction yourself, make sure to remain safe. Meet the buyers only in public locations and don’t let the buyers take the test drive alone. Also, take certified cheque or cash before transferring ownership.

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