8 Reasons to Get Rid of those Extra Pounds Now!

wRGwgTired of the extra pounds? Want that hour glass figure? Fitting in the old clothes is your dream? You may have many reasons to lose weight but the main reason that calls for immediate weight loss is your health! Excess weight or obesity would bring with it many health ailments that would stay in your body forever. If you have been aiming weight loss to fit into your old clothes then you need to know these eight reasons to get rid of excess weight that are more dangerous then you may have thought of!

  1. Reduced Activity Level

You might have seen many overweight people indulged in active routine despite of their heavy bodies but this is rare! Each organ in your body is meant to function properly only when the weight is in normal range. When you go beyond this normal range, all organs have to work extra in order to keep your body functioning. This will take up lot of energy and hence affect your normal activity level.

  1. Heart Problems

Heart problems are often associated with obesity. The heart problems like narrowing of blood vessels, decreased efficiency of heart and sudden heart failure are defined as heart problems. Obesity brings with it cholesterol that deposits in the arteries and blood vessels, which make them narrow. It would increase the blood pressure, lower blood supply and may result into extra pressure on the heart, which will eventually fail. Research has shown that reducing just about 10% of your total body weight would also make a big difference in your heart health.

  1. High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is caused because of many reasons, but obesity is the major cause. When heart pumps blood to various parts of your body through arteries, the pressure is exerted on the walls of the arteries. Blood pressure is the condition where the pressure exerted on the arteries is high. Constant high pressure may result into kidney problems, heart disease and stroke. Excess weight and body mass will call for more blood supply that further makes your heart push hard to supply blood to all cells.


  1. Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is condition where either insulin hormone is not produced in sufficient amount or it is not used to its fullest. In Type 2 diabetes, the insulin is not absorbed and hence glucose from blood doesn’t reach cells where the energy is generated. Obesity changes the cell structure and makes them insulin resistant. This would result into Type 2 diabetes known for affecting the heart and kidney functions. Obesity is not directly responsible for causing Type 2 diabetes but it has been observed that this disease is quite common in those carrying excess weight.

  1. Joint Pain and Osteoarthritis

Joint pain and osteoarthritis are caused due to ageing and inflamed joints. Your joints may undergo untimely ageing due to the pressure exerted by excess weight. Wearing of joint and cartilage would bring in problems like inflammation, injury and pain in joints. Change in the blood composition due to more fat would also cause osteoarthritis and joint pain.

  1. Stroke

Stroke is associated with brain. It is caused when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted because of blood clot present in the artery or bursting of the blood vessel due to injury or pressure. No blood supply in the brain would kill the brain cells causing permanent damage to the brain or in some cases, even death. The blood vessels may burst due to excess pressure of blood. High blood pressure, which is caused due to obesity is one of the major reasons for stroke.

  1. Fatty Liver

Fatty Liver is the disease that leads to major health problems like liver failure and cirrhosis. The fat accumulates around liver and hinders the normal functioning. It is also known as Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) and may occur even to the people who may not be taking alcohol. Obesity is not the main reason for this disease but yet losing weight has offered positive results. Keep your weight in normal range to stay away from this liver damage.

  1. Kidney Problems

Chronic kidney problems are caused because of high glucose levels in urine and high blood pressure. The main job of kidney is to remove waste from your body and regulate blood pressure. Excess weight increases the blood pressure and causes diabetes that may result into kidney problems leading to accumulation of waste in the body that would be a major health hazard.

Studies have shown that obesity also invites pregnancy problems and would trigger many kinds of cancer. Keeping your weight in the ideal range would not just keep you agile and alert but would also give you a healthy life that may let you live the way you want to without taking lots of medicines and paying visits to the hospital!

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