11 Academic Books to Get Some Paper Writing Help of High Level

frwfgqregerAcademic essay writing is increasingly becoming a necessity to all university and college students. They could even win you a scholarship! Writing a good essay is absolutely essential, even before admission to any college/university. Sharpening your essay writing skills is not always an easy task. Thus, most students turn to online services for some paper writing help. Some students may find help online on different websites to get their essays or dissertation written, but problem with these websites is the authenticity. The user needs to be very keen and experienced to find the genuine service provider. Therefore academic books, as always, are the best source of authentic information on any topic. Books can be found online as well from online libraries and authentic websites like Amazon.com.

Essay Help from Academic Books

Books as always been an authentic source of getting information, be it techniques of essay writing or other means. There are several academic books that are easily available online to help you write that strong paper that meets all the desirable requirements, including correct English grammar. You can also opt to buy them cheap using very little amounts of money. Accessing them online is, however, the best option. It is important to note that as much as it is worthwhile using these particular books for reference purposes, you need not allow them to dominate your professional paper writing practices. Because if you start relying too much on these book your own writing skills are going to be compromised and will remain unpolished. In partnership with the team atPaperWritingHelp.net,we have compiled a list with some of the books that you could find useful.

1. Oshima, A. & Hogue, A. 2005. Writing Academic English, New York

This book is very common to teachers in classrooms. It also contains numerous exercises that do help students with practicing the structure of paragraphs, long texts, and essays altogether. This book will greatly improve your editing skills. It doesn’t matter what you are writing your papers on, be it law, programming, physical sciences, etc, you still have to be a professional editor.

This book gives a gradual stepwise procedure which takes the students go through essay writing process in a simple way. Models and practice exercises help the readers boost their confidence and improve their immature writing style. And most importantly the appendices at the end give key references for grammar and research information.

2. Craswell, G. 2004. Writing for Academic Success. Sage Publications

This book will help you with your daily essay assignments. It provides some very handy opinions on the laws of writing. It also gives you some insight on how to write examination answers and theses as well.

3. Jordan, R.R. 1999. Academic Writing Course. London(UK): Nelson/Longman

This is a book that has been vastly used over the years – my teacher used it as well. It is, however, still very helpful since it contains useful appendices which students can use in their out-of-class studies such as punctuation, spellings, irregular verbs, and many more. The application of these appendices will help you improve your own writing skills.

4. Crème, P. and M. Lea. 2008. Writing at University: A guide for students. Open University Press.

This book goes a long way in familiarizing students with what their teachers are particularly looking for in a dissertation. I also got to understand more about critical writing by looking at this book. In addition to this it incites the importance of what you can bring as a writer to your academic writing. It also teaches how to convince your reader and make an argument along with how to keep your original writing and avoid plagiarism.

5. Murray, N. 2012. Writing Essays in English Language and Linguistics, Cambridge University Press.

This book is highly valuable to both undergraduate and postgraduate students when used as self-study tools. This is because of the customary ‘try it out’ section which helps students enhance their writing skills at a practical level. The book is specially written while keeping in mind the problems of undergraduate students in essay writing. The author has more than 30 years of experience in this field and therefore this piece of art is best of him, having practice exercises, discipline-related examples, and an answer key to the exercises.

This golden book has also explanation on ways to avoid plagiarism, rules of paraphrasing and complete guidance on styling your references as well. In short this is a tremendous book for students who want to get some kind of advanced help on paper writing.

Some other books include:

  1. Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day, by Joan Bolker
  2. They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (Paperback), by Gerald Graff
  3. How to Write a Lot: A practical guide to Productive Academic Writing (Paperback), by Paul J. Silvia
  4. Stylish Academic Writing (Hardcover), by Helen Sword
  5. Writing for Publication, by Kenneth T.Henson
  6. Publish & Flourish: Become a Prolific Scholar, by Tara Gray

Is your MBA research paper giving you a hard time? Try out a number of aforementioned books, and essay writing will be simplified. Most of them will guide you on the common laws you should follow when writing essays. It all depends on your application of these laws. It is also advisable to be in the company of your colleagues as you discuss amongst yourselves on how best to improve your editing and assignment writing skills. Learn to edit like a pro.

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