Who Travels Most and How: Exploring Different Nations

Have you ever been curious about how much fuel do Americans use on their cars? Or how many more times do Dutch people ride on bicycles than any other country?

We’re not going to reveal some of the financial reports, but we’ve been really curious about the favorite transport worldwide. Some of the next statements are quite obvious, and some might be an interesting surprise!

First, there’s never going to be a more passionate fan of cars than a typical American citizen. No way to compete; they use such type of transportation every day, almost 40% further than their closest neighbors – Canadians.

What about Jamaica people? Not so far from the USA, however one of their favorite types – Honda Fit – is in use much less annually. Being imported from Japan, this car has an excellent navigation system and keyless entry – suitable for most drivers.

Do you think Japan will be the first to use cars as well? Unfortunately or luckily, their speed rail system allows people to reach a final destination in record terms on a train. Not a train you’re probably thinking about; the train with maximum speed up to 320km/h. Japanese don’t appreciate cars too much; however they’re producing a lot; they’re not fans of a sea transport either and if talking about airplanes, they’re approximately 10th place after Canada, the United States, and New Zealand.

When did you travel with Ryanair last time? Far more popular than any other low-costs, this airline is highly supported by Ireland, the country it was founded in. There are many flights from Ireland, but being “off the charts”, it’s hard to count the popularity of airline transportation for Irish citizens themselves.

Who else is at the top of traveling nations? Due to the last statistical report, the first place is occupied by China, the second one was conquered by the United States, and the third one – drum roll – goes to Germany!

Also true, that China citizen spends almost a quarter of trillion dollars for tourism purposes. But what type of transportation do they use inside a home country? There is some type of balance between cars, the system of public buses and bicycles in China. But similar to Japan, the railway system has reached the top here recently.

There’s some information for you to compare – in 2018 China’s high-speed rail already had 29,000 kilometers made. It’s a convenient method to move from one place to another without delay.

What else left to consider – bicycles as the eco-friendly way of sustainable living. Most people will not argue it’s good to change a transportation mode even for your own health. So, who’s there right after the Netherlands with people extremely caring for the environment? Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom, which probably is not a surprise for you.

The proportion of tourists and a population of a particular country is always a good predictor of how sad the locals get by huge crowds of tourists. That’s why it’s important to get to know more about the country you’re traveling to. Explore the way they think and leave; try to find some similarities and discrepancies with your regular lifestyle. It’s a way to a cultural exchange, which is so important for building good relationships and making friends!

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