Traveling to Hanoi – 7 Fun Things You Shouldn’t Miss During Your Visit

Being the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is indeed one of the most interesting destinations every visitor to the country should visit. It is a typical Asian city with chaos, traffic, and noise that can sometimes be overwhelming. At the same time, Hanoi can also be a very interesting place full of fun. It is a perfect place to be if you are looking to understand the life, culture, and spirit of the Vietnamese.

Now that already know your next trip is to Hanoi, it’s obvious you are no longer looking for how to get to Hanoi, but looking for places to visit and activities to engage in order to keep yourself entertained for days. Here are the top 7 fun activities you shouldn’t miss while in Hanoi.

#1: Enjoy a free walking tour around the city

There is no better way to get yourself acquainted with a city like Hanoi like going on a walking tour. This concept was originally developed before it was extended to other areas of the world. Now you can enjoy such a tour in Hanoi too. It is a great way to give yourself an entertaining introduction to the city, led by enthusiastic locals.

Because this tour is often guided by the locals, you can be sure of seeing the best restaurants, bars, hidden spots, and the best attractions in the city – even in a half a day tour.

#2: Visit the temple of Literature

Are you a fan of traditional architecture? Then you will love to see the Temple of Literature while in Vietnam. Even if you are not that into architecture, you should also find time to visit because it is indeed a very interesting place anyone will love to be in Hanoi.

The temple of literature was built in 1070 and dedicated to Confucius before it later became a university for Mandarin students. Every moment you spend around this temple will surely reward you with lots of fun and interesting sights.

#3: Walk along Ngoc Son and Hoan Kiem Lake

Also known as Turtle Lake, the Hoan Kiem Lake is another beautiful place in Hanoi to have a complete dose of fun. One interesting thing about this place is that you won’t see any vehicle or scooters around. So it is a good time to have a complete break from hustle and bustle traffic life in Hanoi.

It will also cost you less than a dollar to visit the temple of Ngoc Son, so add it to the list when you are around Kiem Lake. It is a good attraction center to see in Hanoi, so don’t miss it. However, if you will be going to Hoan Kiem Lake, try to visit at night when the beautiful bridge to Ngoc Son will costs. It is indeed a beautiful sight.

#4: Visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Don’t leave Hanoi without visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. This is an architectural work that was inspired by Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow. But this proudly portrays Vietnamese architecture. While the interior of the mausoleum is made with grey, black, and red polished stones, the exterior is made of grey graphite. You need to see this wonderful work of art before leaving Hanoi.

#5: Go shopping at Dong Xuan Market

Don’t leave Hanoi without doing some shopping, shop till you drop at the Dong Xuan Market. This large market was built in the late 19th century on the edge of the Old Quarters. It is the largest indoor market you will ever found in Hanoi. It doesn’t matter what interest you when you shop, you are sure to find a variety of things to shop in the market. From fresh local produce to souvenirs, handbags, flowers, nice fabrics, and electronic gadgets, Dong Xuan Market sure has the best deals for you.

#6: Enjoy a show at Hanoi Opera House

The Opera House is the most beautiful building in Hanoi despite being built in 1911 when the French were still ruling the Vietnamese. If you are looking for nice things to do in Hanoi, give yourself a treat to the Opera House and enjoy a show there. From opera performances to ballet and concerts, you can catch a nice show at the Opera House from $4.

#7: Visit the water puppet show

Attending the Water Puppet Show is another touristy and interesting things you should do while in Hanoi. The show happens in a small theater in the heart of the city. You can enjoy a show that involves moving puppets from under the water and lasts about an hour and costs around $10. But remember, the show is one of the most famous attractions in Hanoi and many people love to see it. So ensure you get your ticket in advance, either at the theater or online.

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