Travel on a Budget: What You Need To Know

suitcaseIf you plan on packing your bags and treating yourself by traveling the world, you need not worry about the costs if you stick to the following tips. Be it a trip to the pyramids of Egypt or aJack the Ripper tour in London, these tips will always keep things in check on the financial side.

Eat local dishes

Don’t go to a remote village in the Himalayas and insist on getting a Big Mac. Enjoy what the local eateries will have on the menu. You will go back home having experienced great foreign dishes and saved lots of money in the process.

Go for bundled offers

When booking flights, hotel rooms, and other activities, it is advisable to do so in bundles. That means going for offers, for example, from a single company. This way, you are likely to be in a position to receive a discount and other benefits.

Travel locally

When the words vacation or trip are mentioned, we tend to quickly send our minds to foreign countries with exotic locations. The truth is that your country could be having a lot of locations you have never given a thought of.

bid ask

Bid on prices

There are some sites such as Priceline that allow you to place bids on the prices of flights, hotels, and others then get notified of the prices the moment they become available. It could require some flexibility on your end to seal such deals as they do not always come when you’ve already packed your bags.

Stay alert for deals

Just because you’ve landed a good deal doesn’t mean you should rest easy. Sometimes something sweeter always comes by even during the last minute. Stay flexible and make use of them.

Make the grocery store your friend

If you want to get water, some fruits and vegetables, pay the grocery store a visit every once and again. Hotels and other locations tend to overcharge for them and thus your relationship to the grocery store should come in handy.


Harness group discounts

When you come together with your friends and book flights and other items, you are likely to get a huge discount on them. It is a great way of making savings on most trips you will be going to besides the safety and comfort of accompanying others.

Go on mini tours

Mini tours should familiarize you with a given geographical region. These are not the tours that take days or weeks in end. Rather, they are meant to take a single day where you go around a town or other place with a tour guide who shows you around.

Travel light

Pack that only which you will be needing on your trip. Research shows that most of the clothes and other stuff that people pack are never put to use by travelers. Three sets of clothes are all you may need on a weeklong trip.


Use round trip tickets

Most one-way tickets are considerably more expensive compared to roundtrip tickets. It will thus be economical to go for them since they save you money and earn you points in the process.

Multiple destinations

If your trip is to take you to multiple destinations, ask your airline if you can switch planes after a while rather than immediately. In this way, you can use a single ticket to travel to various destinations. You also enjoy the peace of knowing your flight for the whole trip is covered.

Cooking for yourself

You save more than half of all your eating costs if you cook for yourself. That can be a marvel idea especially if you are traveling in a recreational vehicle. However, even in hostels, you can have the privilege of cooking your own food for some great savings.


Travel in the Off or Shoulder Season

Economics 101 teaches that the more a good becomes in demand, the higher the price it can and will fetch due to its popularity. The same is true for travel and traveling during the busy season. During winter and spring break, for example, most locations will see a spike in visitors and by extension prices. Traveling during the summer and fall will see much lower prices coupled with the usually great weather.

Use The Lounges

While flying, there are times when a direct flight is not available, and a six or more hour layover is a real possibility. For many, the reality of being packed in a space surrounded by strangers making a lot of noise. Frankly, the experience is really not one that makes the prospect of flying any easier. A great way of feeling like royalty is getting a guest pass to the airport lounge or purchasing an annual Priority Pass membership if you travel often. A guest pass is $27 at the time of this posting and it typically comes with many complimentary add-ons including access to showers, free hot and cold beverages and secure Wi-Fi.

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travel costs

Armed with these tips, you will soon be spending only a fraction of the money you used to spend on trips. The most important thing to do is to carry out deep research on your trips. You will always discover something great.

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