Top 6 Favorite Travel Apps: Life Hacks of Traveller

A doctor needs to prescribe a lot more apps than medicine. We are living, breathing examples of how we need to survive with more technology rather than some sole vitamins.

Talking about vitamins, the social media accounts either be twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. runs in veins of humans now a day rather than old thick red blood.

Time has proved again and again that it changes, waits for nothing and no one. And that with time people change, their necessities change and so does their lifestyles.

With traveling the urge of being updated is more convenient than ever. Making sure about how to travel and when to travel is not the main concern anymore. It’s more about what can you do while traveling to new destinations.

Starting with the industrial revolution back in the 18th century to the current modern AGE OF TECHNOLOGY one wonder how far we have come.

There was a time when flowers and chocolates were considered to be the best gifts one could ever get but now? Even the newborn are more acquainted with the cellphones than their parents! (and it’s no joke!)

Technology advancement has eased our lives so far. Either it has been television or an electronic tweezer we heavily rely on these small appreciations in life.

Travelling has always been a magical experience for whatever reason you visit a new place. Travel market apps are over-saturated and the fact that the market is offering tough competition is what makes users all more confused about which app to use and not to use.

With smartphones invading the old tech we have upgraded the competition ourselves. And because of such intrusion of smart apps we have out listed top 6 travel apps that will be useful for you when planning on travelling to anywhere you want.

Travelling couldn’t be much easier than it is now. With the best travelling hacks in our pocket let’s see the best game-changer apps:

  1. TripIt

Getting organized is the best thing that a traveller can do. It’s easy to sync your travelling plans in one app starting from the booking of tickets and finishing till the ending point of accommodating the hotel booking and the return trips too.

It’s the matter of time when you can make your account and after that forward on the confirmation mail to confirm your bookings and all the key itinerate in one place besides that app is colonized with the timely reminders and notifications so that the user will not forget the rush hour.

  1. Google Maps

The most accessible of all apps are the primary google maps. They work 99% of the time unless you get to a place where the network is slow but still it’s the “king of all apps”.

A voice retro navigation system is active at every turn is what makes it user-friendly and at top of the navigation game, especially when the user is driving by him/herself.

Enlightening you of rundowns of each café, hotel, whatever location and restaurant you want to find, the opening and closing hours inclusive with pictures can be easily seen.

They even offer offline maps; all you need is to download them.

  1. Google Translate

Google all the way and why not?

Learning phrases in the short number of time can be helpful but it’s easy to forget words here and there. Google Translate app helps the user with 103 languages for text and 59 languages ready for translation.

Even the Word Lens feature can translate the picture into your desired language. And it’s perfect to find out the local signboards and the menu of any restaurant or any written text you may find helpful during travelling or else wise. You will never get lost again by using this translation app.

  1. AccuWeather

What it’s like not knowing prior to your travelling arrangements what the weather will be like?

All standard smartphones these days have their own weather app but what makes AccuWeather different than these apps are, weather accuracy updates it shows a minute by a minute local update of the weather those pre-installed weather apps are not accustomed to.

A 15-day weather forecast will help you decide what to pack and what essentials to keep in your luggage. Not only this but with millions of users this app has helped saved many lives as well by giving thunderstorm predictions.

  1. Netflix


Don’t be! The reason that Netflix made in our top 5 rankings for the travel app is really simple and well the Netflixers know their way around it.

The long flight journeys can become really pushy on your system and sometimes the journey is not too all comfortable either. So want to have a long hour journey distracted by your favorite seasons and movies, Netflix is there with the option of offline downloads now you don’t need to miss your latest episodes and voila! A journey full of Netflix thrill is all you ever need.

Going on a holiday destination doesn’t mean you can’t play games with no deposit bonus or watch an episode or two of your favorite series, right? And if you get stuck in a flight interval or waiting for the interconnected flights for long weeping hours, then this is the best solution.

  1. XE Currency App

Keeping a proper check and balance on the budget is a hard bull to turn around. Even if your budget is in check, the stock exchange is ever so unstable. With the rapidly changing rates of the currencies, Dollar affecting the relative prices can affect your trip too.

This app help supports every cryptocurrency for intakes and outtakes of money and such. Don’t rely on the news anymore, it’s the stock exchange in your pocket and keeps posted about the updates and latest change in trend even during your holidays,

Above mentioned apps are the most basic ones and travelling becomes better and easier than you can ever imagine.

Time is free but it won’t ever come back again. So spend it wisely and in a smart way is the best option.

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