Proven Ways to Build Self-Confidence

We all need a little boost in life from time to time, whether you’re just having a bad day, and you feel down, and you need something to pick you up, or you just have low self-esteem. We all need something to boost our confidence. Below are some ways you can build your confidence up.

Number 1: Compliment yourself.

Turn off the soundtrack of negative thoughts running through your head and start complimenting yourself. Try to say something nice to yourself at least once a day. Put a postit note on a mirror or just give yourself a reminder on your calendar if you can’t remember to do it. Take a minute to think about at least one nice thing you can say to yourself. It might seem cheesy at first, but later on, it will start feeling good.

compliment yourself

Number 2: Accomplish something.

One of the easiest ways to feel better about yourself is when you achieve a goal or accomplish something. You may feel that you’ll never be able to finish that long novel, and the accomplishment of that seems so far away. But if you set a small, easy goal on a daily basis you can get the high of accomplishing something everyday. This will give you the motivation to start reaching for your bigger goals.

Number 3: Surround yourself with a cheerleading squad.

Now this can be anyone from friends, family, teachers or enthusiastic neighbours. There are so many people rooting for you, so embrace it. Whenever you need a boost, you can turn to those people to get whatever the pep you need.

Number 4: Count your blessings.

Chances are even if you don’t feel good about yourself you can still start looking at the positive things in your life. Maybe you have a great family; maybe you have a really cool car. Or you’re really excited about a trip you’re planning. You might have a hard job thinking of things at first. Once you start, you’ll come to a realisation that there’re so many things to be thankful for.Believe-in-You

Number 5: Find inspiration in someone else.

Look at your friends, your family or even celebrities and successful business people or artists. And all people you admire. Think about what makes them so admirable and use it as inspiration and motivation for achieving your own success and happiness. Following yourself after a positive inspiration is a great way to see the things that you want in yourself.

Number 6: Look at how far you’ve come.

If you think your goals are so long way off. Look back at your past and see how far you’ve come from. Think back to the time where you couldn’t even imagine the things that you’re doing right now. Or how you used to be such an awkward or shy kid. It just shows all the growth and hard work you’ve done.

Number 7: Master something.

Getting really good at something is a great way to boost your confidence. You’ll impress yourself with your ability to do something that you’re interested in and become really good at it. This can sometimes take a while, but the confidence at the end that you get is so worth it.

That’s all for this article, make sure to comment below what you think are some good building tips on confidence!

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