Most Popular Vintage Shops in the Shoreditch Area, London

Each area of London is so unique and has so much history which backs it up that many an area in the city has curved a niche for itself. This is especially true in the cultural sense. As a matter of fact, the area of Shoreditch is known to be among the most culturally diverse areas the city has.

Being such a unique place in terms of cultural history; it can be said that there are more than a few places, which are located in Shoreditch, at which a visitor can pick up some really great vintage material.


If a visitor to the area decides to head to, or is in the vicinity of Brick Lane, he or she would have the option of going to a great store such as Rokit Vintage. The store chain first started back in the year 1986, in Camden and has expanded to four stores across the city, till date. The address of the shop is 101-107 Brick Lane. A visit to this place is a great opportunity to stock up on denim jackets and hot pants, for the visitor. In addition to this, however, there is also the fact that the speciality of the store is in recycled items. This means that old clothes are recycled into bags.

Columbia Road is an alternative, or rather more aptly, an additional place to head to when a visitor to the area is in the search of vintage things is a shop which goes by the name of Vintage Heaven; something which points rather obviously to its speciality. It is located at number 82, Columbia Road and a visit to it can be suitably combined with a visit to the Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday. This is also a good place to pick up some food for the road or sit down and eat some food which would prove to be delicious as the store has a café called Cakehole Café which provides the visitor with some cake and coffee, among other food items or edibles, which can be said to be quite refreshing, at the very least.

As for the variety of things which can be purchased out here; the range will impress any visitor in terms of the diversity in not only the product line but also in terms of the time from which the items are. A significant number of the items out here, generally, are from the 1920s. Apart from Sunday, the store also is open to visitors, who will be converted into customers, almost without a doubt, who can pay a visit in the time period between noon and six in the evening on Saturdays.

Even while one is hunting through the various vintage stores the city has to offer, as a tourist in the city, he or she should keep in mind the importance of choosing a hotel which is right in terms of both the location it has and the quality and value of its service. In order to find a hotel which proves to be suitable to the tastes of the visitor to London, it is suggested that the luxury hotels in Hyde Park are taken into due consideration as hotels such as the Montcalm London City are likely to suit almost every taste.


If a visitor to the city is in search of vintage things, he or she would probably be interested in the prospect of paying a visit to Absolute Vintage, which happens to be a shop located at 15, Hanbury Street. The ambience to shop is also great as the music is quite retro, as well.

There are accessories and clothes which are so interesting that they serve as a fair reason to justify a repeat visit which is made!

Another shop which is to be visited, especially if the case is such that a shopper is already on Hanbury Street, perhaps by virtue of paying a visit to Absolute Vintage or some other obscure reason, is a store called Blitz. Having opened its doors to the public in the year 2011, this store is the largest department store for vintage goods, across the world. The prices of the stuff which is sold at the store is reasonable. As seems to be a trend with some of the vintage stores which operate in London, even Blitz has the facilities to provide its visitors with coffee, which they can purchase at the coffee bar.

As a sister store of Absolute Vintage, Blondie Vintage is also an interesting store to pay a visit to although this store is one which is aimed at women’s wear; with the time range of products ranging from the 1950s to the 1970s.

The vintage stores in Shoreditch have a lot to offer; a visit to as many as possible is warranted!

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