Do You Really Need a Big Butt?

I can’t help noticing that recently people have a hard time with their definitions. In this case, we are talking about a ‘need’. Do you really need a big butt? I think it depends and in some cases the answer may be an absolute yes. If you are reading this article, chances are that your situation may be an absolute yes. I’m assuming you are female, but if you are not, this may still apply to you depending on the angle you are approaching it. A nice behind is essential to a jeune fille. How so? Let’s discourse some of the reasons a reasonably big bum works wonders.

Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem & Reputation

Human One: By the way, do you know Jill?

Human Two: I think so; the girl with the nice big bum, right?

Human One: Spot on!”

A big bum can affect your reputation. Not necessarily character-wise, but if it’s one of the things that stands out about you, people won’t help noticing it. In fact, at the end of interviews held inside an office with a door, when leaving the room, the advice to women is to turn around and smile at the interviewers while they close the door so that the last thing the interviewers see is their smile and not their behind. Otherwise, that is the last thing that will be recalled about them and I don’t think any decent lady would want to be hired because of what she left behind and not necessarily her hard-earned knowledge, skills, and experience.

People may say that beauty comes from within, but it is difficult for that inner strength to sustain you when the outside is not all that. I’m not saying that it’s impossible; it is just difficult. A nice big behind makes it possible for most women to have a better self-esteem and self-confidence. They say that reputation is what others think about you and self-esteem is what you think about yourself. A nice big bum makes it easier for you to think nice thoughts about yourself and makes it difficult for others to think ill of you. However, if you are a woman, this is not necessarily true because the rules are slightly different for women; there is nothing that really irritates a beautiful woman like another woman who is even remotely more beautiful than she is. All women want the mirror on the wall to tell them that they are the prettiest in the world. A nice big bum will make it easy for the mirror to tell you what you want to see.


Have you ever looked at historical paintings of women by primitive tribes and cavemen? Particularly those of goddesses and princesses, or any important women in their society? These paintings normally depict such women with exaggerated big hips and bums. The interpretation of such depictions of women by archeologists is that these exaggerated hips and bums symbolize fertility and the nurturing quality of women. It is not necessarily a very big thing but having a big butt somehow makes giving birth easier and makes the pregnancy period tolerable.

Furthermore, men find women with big behinds more sexually attractive. This is wired in them because innately and instinctively, it implies that the woman is more fertile; therefore, capable of successfully carrying his offspring – evolutionary speaking. Women have realized this fact and that’s why you’ll find them investing in various butt enhancement products like a butt enhancement cream. They want to improve their outward appearance to appear more appealing to their potential suitors.

Maybe Not

The most effective way of increasing the size of your butt is by using butt enhancement products. These products work and will indeed improve your aesthetic appeal. Be that as it may, it is good that you look at yourself in the mirror carefully and ensure that you are actually listening to the mirror on the wall and not the chaotic, confused, and ambivalent little voices in your head. There are women who are very beautiful just the way they are, but due to a distorted perspective of themselves, they think they are not as attractive. Don’t compare yourself to some character you saw on television, in some movie, or some trending socialite.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; truer words were never said. Don’t compare your beauty to the standards the society has laid out for others. Really look yourself in the mirror and be sure of who you are looking at. Before investing in any butt enhancement products or whatever, please be sure before making any move. You could be wasting 6 to 12 months on something that was unnecessary. Maybe you could have spent that time enhancing other aspects of yourself like your self-image, inner-conversation, or even working on your career.

Nonetheless, if you feel you really need some ass-boost, perhaps that’s what you need to improve your self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence, and maybe your reputation. Do you really need a big tooshie? Maybe yes. Maybe no. The answer really lies within you. If having one will make you feel better, then I guess the answer is an absolute yes.

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