A Stranger on the Hill: What Makes an Essay on Donald Trump Interesting to Every American?

Before the son of Trump declared his interest in the American presidency, no American citizen ever had the wildest dream that Donald Trump would ever be the next president of the United States. Everyone who knew him had no other view of him beyond the self-driven and no-nonsense entrepreneur who is focused on his business empire. But after he expressed interest, he was immediately ruled out by many who were opposed to his “red” party in favor of the prospective first female American president who never became.

But all that aside, what exactly makes Donald Trump such an emotive figure that inspires admiration and disgust as among Americans at the same time? What makes the mention of Trump in an essay a matter of much interest in Americans from all religions, political affiliations, and economic cadres? This post is going to show you why people love and hate the man in equal measure, and why your essay on him will arouse the interest of all Americans.

A stranger from nowhere

Unlike Barrack Obama who was groomed as the Illinois senator before being catapulted into national politics, Donald is the first American president to ascend to the Capitol Hill without any political experience whatsoever. All his predecessors had vied for the presidency or another political office before clinching it. Others had served in various state offices before vying for the White House. But the son of Trump had no political experience and he had never served in the government all his life. That is why every American, those who hate and love him alike, appreciates the fact that Donald is a history maker and a pacesetter.

The mistaken minnow

Another reason why a good essay on Donald Trump attracts the interest of all Americans is that he was the mistaken minnow in the 2016 presidential race. Unlike the election of Barrack Obama where the whole world stood in expectation of “change,” Trump’s case was an exact opposite. Everyone, including Hillary Clinton, falsely believed that Trump was going to lose the election at both College and popular vote levels with a landslide. Everyone stood waiting for “history” to be made following the election of the first American female Commander-in-Chief. But after the presidential results began trickling in, history was made, but contrary to the expectations of billions around the world.


The landslide that Democrats and their sympathizers across the world expected their candidate to win the popular and College votes. Unfortunately, that never happened because Hilary Clinton only managed to beat Trump with a narrow 2 percentage points but lost heavily in the College, Senate, and Congress. The fact that the man managed to wrest some “blue states” out of the hands of the Democrats, and his clear majority in the two Houses of Representatives show clearly that he was the “David” in that epic political battle. The triumph of Trump clearly shows every American that at times, the majority can be very wrong. They are also learning the bitter lesson of underestimating one’s opponent and the folly of “counting one’s chicks before they hatch.”

Trump the hero

Another reason why writing an essay on Trump arouses the interest of Americans is that he is like a two-edged sword to his countrymen. To some people, Donald is a hero who inspires them. For instance, the very fact that he defied all the odds to ascend to the White House makes him an object if inspiration to many Americans who are looking for someone to look up to. He inspires them to press on with their dreams and aspirations even when the majority may seem to rule them out.

To those Americans who are tired of foreign policies that are focused on the interests of other nations at the expense of addressing the problems facing the American populace, Trump is their hero. In his campaigns, he lashed at those “guys in Washington” for having taken all the manufacturing jobs to China and other developing countries while Americans are jobless. For that jobless American who is looking to secure employment, they have every reason to believe and follow Trump.

His heroic figure is not just tied to jobs, no. Trump is also on record promising to keep America safe from Islamic extremists who are prime suspects of terrorism. For that American person who needs to live safely, they view Trump’s move to ban immigrants from some Islamic states such as Sudan and Somalia as a step in the right direction. Even though there could be some extremes in the whole immigration ban, there are those citizens who believe that the move will keep them safe from homeland terrorism.

With his mantra, “Make America Great Again,” Trump has managed to capture the hearts of hundreds of millions of Americans who feel that the sovereignty of their country is being auctioned and sacrificed on the altar of globalization. Millions feel that the previous regimes at the White House have forgotten them in favor of pursuing a skewed foreign policy. That is why Trump managed to rally them around this newfound sense of patriotism and they responded by flooding him with more than 58 million votes. His promise to protect American industries has also sunk well with the masses that are seeing him as the protector of their national pride and the restorer of its lost glory.


Trump the villain

Trump is a controversial figure who has also made as many enemies the same way he has made friends. To millions of Americans who did not vote for him, they see him as a “dangerous and reckless person.” For instance, many moderate American Muslims view his radical stand against radical Islam with contempt. Most of these Muslims see this move by Trump as a new form of “persecution” against innocent Muslims. On the contrary, some of them are claiming that white supremacists are posing a greater danger to the public than what Islamic terrorists are doing. They cite cases of shootings in public places as reasons for their contempt of Trump.

Donald Trump has also rattled many people by his ambitious plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico and have Mexico pay for it. Many of his critics find this stance a form of bigoted protectionism that has no place in the modern world. His main challenger in the 2016 elections criticized him for wanting to build a wall while she was ready to “build bridges” with her neighbors and other countries. Many of his critics view Trump’s claim that the wall will reduce the smuggling of drugs from South America as being misguided since he can use other border safety measures to do so. Additionally, many Americans of Mexican origin still view him as a villain even though it remains to be seen how far he will push this wall building agenda.

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