Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Making the right choice is always difficult. Add the pressure of years of commitment and you have a real decision to make. Choosing an internet service provider is a long term commitment that involves hundreds and thousands of dollars that you will have to pay over the course of the contract you sign. Therefore, choosing the right internet service provider or ISP is something that will require your undivided attention.

The natural question in this regard would be how one can know which ISP would be the right fit in terms of price, packages, customer service, bonuses, etc. To answer it, and make things easier, we have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider before you go ahead and make a long term commitment with an ISP.

1.    Availability

You will not be able to find all the providers in your area and even if you do, chances are you may not have all the available options. It is difficult for providers to lay down infrastructure throughout the country. It requires a lot of time, money, resources and paperwork. This is why they target specific areas and make sure that they offer the best available services. Similarly they cannot offer their best offers everywhere simply because the infrastructure varies and it may not be able to support the speeds that you want.

2.    Speed

No matter if you use your internet for gaming, streaming movies on Netflix or simply like to surf the internet, you always want your internet experience to be smooth. You don’t want varying speeds or halted buffering while you stream your favourite movie. The best practice is to go for an internet connection that offers speeds that meet your requirements. Don’t know what speeds work for you? According to FCC if you use 3 devices at a time, an internet connection providers like Mediacom Internet offering speeds between 12 Mbps and 25 Mbps should work for you. The more users or devices that connect to the network, the higher would be the speed requirement.

3.    Data Caps

Most providers limit your downloading to 1 TB or around 1000 GBs in equal terms. This may seem like a lot but consider this, every time you visit a page, you are using a bit of that chunk. With so many social media websites, who knows how many pages a person visits every day? All those pages gulp up lots of Mbs which soon translate into GBs. Adding in all the streaming that you enjoy, that adds further on since an average 1080 p movie consumes somewhere between 1.95 Gb and 2.25 Gb in an hour. One movie per household member a day takes the consumption up to 6 GBs and that’s just an average. Then think about all the 4K movies you enjoy. To top it all off, online gaming is another activity that consumes a major chunk of the bandwidth.

Once you’ve consumed the default download limit, you will have to buy some extra data cap or might end up facing slower speeds that in some cases might lead towards total disconnection. The idea is to look for a provider that gets you unlimited downloads or no data caps.

4.    Bundles

Choosing the best ISP takes more than speed and bandwidth. It has to offer something that takes the burden off your pockets. Look out for a provider that offers more than just an internet connection. While you enjoy the internet you might also need cable and a home phone. Ideally you would want to go for a provider that offers all three services.

Form a bundle of these services and you will be potentially saving hundreds of dollars over the course of a contract. Bundling will get you amazing savings and make things easier for you.

5.    Customer Support

Even the best internet options can cause problems. Perfection among internet service providers does not exist. The important aspect here is to identify a provider that offers comprehensive support to deal with any and every issue that arises. You want a service that offers call support, email support and support through social media platforms. This ensures that you enjoy seamless connectivity.

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