How to Avoid Landing of an Email into the Spam Folder

Few things can be more embarrassing and annoying than not receiving a notice or a timely notification because the email of one of your important contacts has gone to the spam folder (junk mail).

All email platforms and applications have a filter that attempts to detect when an email you receive is spam or unwanted advertising and automatically moves it to the spam folder. But the filter is not infallible, and sometimes ends up considering important messages from your contacts nothing else, but junk mail.

It is a good practice to take a look at the Spam Folder from time to time to detect personal emails that have been cast. If you want to avoid it, you have to mark the emails of your contacts as safe. This will skip the spam filter and they will always reach your Inbox.

In this short tutorial, the team atMailfloss will explain how to prevent a contact’s emails from going to the spam folder on the most important email platforms.


If you want messages from a certain contact to never go to the spam folder in Gmail, it’s as simple as adding their email to your contact list.

Place the mouse over the contact’s name for a couple of seconds. A tab will appear. Click Add to Contacts to include the email in your contact list

Keep in mind that if you have responded to this contact several times before, it will have already been automatically added to your contact list.

If in the Spam Tray you see an important message that should not be there, click the icon on the right side of the star, where it says Click to teach Gmail that this conversation is important. From now on, your new emails in the respective conversation thread will go to the Inbox.

Outlook / Hotmail

Enter your Outlook account, and click on the gear icon (Settings). Choose Options

In the menu on the left, the spam section, enter Safe senders

Here you can write the email addresses that you want not to go through the spam filter. Press the + and Save button to complete the process:

Yahoo Mail

To prevent emails from a contact from going to the spam tray, you have to add them to the contact list.

  • Enter an email from an important contact, and copy your email
  • Tap the Address Book icon in the upper left corner
  • Add the contact to your contact list

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