What is SEO in simple words?

There has been an active transition of the stationary business to the online space over the past few years. Experts attribute this trend to the intensive development of digital technologies and the constant growth of the number of Internet users. For example, according to statistics, in the period 2017-2020, the online commercial market increased by 6%.

Competition is getting tougher with the rapid development of online business. Entrepreneurs are trying to increase the rating of their sites to attract consumers. They resort to SEO for doing this. The technical details of this process can be found, for example, by applying the link https://www.digital-muscle.com.au/services/seo-services/. This article will describe the essence of such a procedure.

Key Search Engines Features

Online consumers usually apply web crawlers when looking for a good or service. They type a query, and the search engine shows them a list of sites that match the entered phrase or word. According to research, most consumers open the online platforms placed on the first two pages of the seeking results list. Therefore, every entrepreneur wants his website to be as high as possible within this rank.

What Entrepreneurs Have to Know About Site Ranking?

The platforms need to go through the following stages to be included in the search results list:

  • Crawling -the web crawlers scan the new online pages and then open them by clicking the links (like live users). The search engines may either find the new web sheets on their own or lookout for the ones that are pointed manually (for example, through Google Search Console).
  • Indexing – the web crawlers store and systemize the accumulated pages within this step. Once a web sheet is indexed, it appears in the search results for the particular query. The web crawlers index only pages with nearly relevant content.
  • Ranging – as a part of this stage, the search engines select the most suitable indexed web sheets and issue these pages in response to a specific request. The issuance order depends on how the content on the site meets the user’s expectations. The search engines check the relevance of information as well as its reliability and so on.

The SEO optimizers’ job is to improve the content on the sites and correct the technical shortcomings of the platforms according to the web crawler requirements. This helps to increase the website search rating.

Search Results Blocks

In addition to the list of pages corresponding to the request, modern web crawlers show some information announcements. Such notifications are called search results blocks. The announcements may appear in the form of:

  • text snippets that match the entered request;
  • fast answer blocks – it often displays responses to questions that don’t require long replies (for example, How old is Elon Musk?);
  • knowledge graph – this block has a precise and broad response to a query about some object or person;
  • carousels – here, there may be photos of actors, the most suitable goods, brands, etc;
  • list of related queries – such blocks help to find more accurate information on the issue of interest;
  • contextual advertising blocks – these advertisements are shown to the users according to requests, the blocks are usually located above all the positions, on the side, or below the search results.

Such notifications are sometimes referred to as position zero. These announcements involve links leading to the desired online source. SEO technologies are also used to get into the information blocks.

What Operations Are Performed as a Part of Website Optimization?

The promotion of online platforms can be internal and external. The latter includes placing references to the desired site on third-party online resources (forums, portals, and so on). The external promotions may have an effect within the short term if the IT employees choose the right strategy. The internal optimization is slower but gives more long-lasting results. This type of SEO includes:

  • competitor website analysis;
  • creation of a semantic core for correct search queries;
  • filling the online platform with unique graphic and text content;
  • errors elimination in the source code of web pages;
  • building the correct site structure.

Moreover, SEO comes in white, gray, and black hats. Here, each promotion kind has a particular degree of the operations used legality. Entrepreneurs may get more information about white, gray, and black hat optimizations, for example, by visiting the Digital Muscle Limited website.

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