Effective PPC Landing Pages: General Guidelines

You’ve taken your time to determine the best anchor text/s to use. Now, when someone relevant clicks on an anchor text, it should take him or her somewhere relevant, somewhere they expected to end up, or somewhere they didn’t expect but they love it there. If the converse is true, not only have you lost that one relevant person, but you’ve also lost almost everyone they know.

That’s the thing with online marketing campaigns; when you win the approval of someone, you’ve also won the approval of their entire social circle, but when you lose the confidence of someone, you’ve also lost the approval of their entire social circle. You may not notice it but the ripple effect from this outcome can be detrimental to your online business. That’s why you shouldn’t take PPC landing pages lightly. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your PPC landing pages are effective and functional.


One of the main traits of any landing page is stickiness. Once a visitor is there, you want them to stay there for the reason that drew them to that page. This can be achieved primarily by giving them what they expected to get from the page. If it is information about ‘being the best cook in the world’, give them exactly that. How you present this information also matters. You should make use of all the best modern tactics for presenting information to your audience.

If it is brief information, make use of images to make it interesting, fun and to the point. If it is a lot of information, make use of images to make it tolerable and where possible, use infographics to make things a little bit more interesting for your audience. The thing is that most people online are looking at several websites, so they don’t have the patience to go through lengthy texts forever. Keep your content either brief or look for ways of making your content easy to consume.

Make it simple

When someone clicks on an anchor text that leads them to a PPC landing page, you don’t want to waste their time. In the foregoing section, I’ve given some hints on how to make things easier for your audience. Something else you could do is ensure that the landing page loads quickly and is formatted in a way that’s easy for your audience to go through. Don’t use web design methods that make it a pain for your audience to view the page. I won’t say you shouldn’t use too many images because no matter how many images you use, as long as the page will load fast enough, there is nothing to worry about. From that, you should get that you should use images that load fast. Anything that slows down the page should be eliminated. If the landing page is outside your control, then you should either contact those who have control and request them to improve on the functionality of the page or don’t do business with them.

PPC landing pages don’t have to sell anything; they can just contain useful information for your audience and at the end of the content, provide a call to action that will get you your pay. Don’t make it the focus of the landing page to sell something but let it inform. Then from the connection the visitor will get from the content, they may feel compelled to take further action. And that’s where your call to action comes in.


Provide a call to action at a strategic point on the landing page. It can be obvious that you are selling something but it is more beneficial when it is clever. Provide it in such a manner that it doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your audience but makes them feel like it is their duty to take the action the call to action suggests.


Provide as much information as possible that indicates you can be trusted. First, your site should already be SSL protected and accredited. That shows your site is secure and can be trusted. If you are affiliated with other credible authority websites, include references (like their logos) that suggest so on your site. People are more willing to go through with CTAs when they know they are dealing with a credible and secure website than when your site is questionable.

Effective PPC landing pages are sticky, informative, simple, credible, and help your audience connect with your online business.

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