5 Clichés That Work for Startups

Trying to make a success of your startup is a huge challenge. And many entrepreneurs fail at it. So, if you want to make a successful startup, you need to get to grips with SEO. You won’t be able to succeed until you succeed at this.


Optimize Your Website

The most important asset you have as a new startup is your website. This is the first thing that people will come into contact with regarding your business. So, it needs to be good, and it needs to be easy to find for as many people, related to your audience, as possible. First of all, use a domain name that includes the brand name and it makes it relatively clear what your business actually does. The rule is: the easier it is, the better. You should also add plenty of keywords to your website and its content. If you can do this, you will find that your website is easier to find.

Develop a Link Strategy

Linking is something that every online startup should learn how to do properly. It’s all about developing a strategy that helps your business to succeed and improve its presence on search engine results pages. Links to other websites from yours offer a great chance to give your SEO a boost. You should focus on linking to the kinds of website that have something in common with your own. Moreover, they should also be considered strong websites with a good reputation. Search engine algorithms love links to reliable and well-regarded websites. You should also focus on internal linking as this can increase the page hits you achieve.

Content is Still a What?

Everyone who is somehow connected to SEO knows the answer to this common question. If you don’t, the answer is “a king”. Everyone used to get annoyed at the abundance of this phrase but the thing is that’s true. It’s so well-known so if you are told how important it’s and how important to invest there the money and time, don’t even argue. The days are so far gone where you can write a text with a couple of keywords, spend a couple of bucks on PPC and succeed. Now you could be asked: “Is your content better than your competitors?” If the answer is no, you could be referred back to this cliché. Why would I as a user, and search engines who are trying to serve the best relevant content to users, want to see your less appealing and informative content? The answer is that I don’t want your senseless content, and neither do search engines.

As time’s gone by, this cliché has taken on new meaning as well. Even a few years ago people would worry about having the best content on their home pages and service or product pages. That’s still important of course, but savvy SEOs began chasing long tail content and realizing that creating an ongoing content strategy allowed you to pull in prospective customers by answering their questions or educating them about your products and services.

Another thing you shouldn’t neglect is that how your content is presented really matters. If the content is a real gem, but it’s packaged in a way that’s difficult to use or hard to find on your site or even understand, users are going to prefer a site that’s much easier, and much more beautiful. It’s not a secret, that Google’s focus now is on mobile web use, and if your site doesn’t work on mobile you will likely be ignored by Google if your competitors all have sites that work seamlessly on mobile. For a while, Google certainly takes a look at site architecture to make sure that a key information is easy to find. Making sure that your awesome content is accessible is a big part of making sure that your content is king.

Become a Blogger and Link it to Social Media

Bloggingis a great way to rank higher in search engines by driving traffic to your website. It simply creates more pages that can be seen by people who are searching Google or Bing. And this means that there will be more chance of higher numbers of people clicking those links and landing to your site. When the visitors have read the blog, they might then also explore what else is on your website. You should spread these links on your social media accounts as much as possible. If they get shared a lot, they could reach a huge amount of people.

Get Coverage

If you can be covered from other websites, you will help your SEO efforts. Getting SEO right is not just about linking to other sites as I mentioned above. It’s also about getting backlinks to your website from your other reputable website. When you are having backlinks to your website from reliable sources, this presents search engines that your website is reputable and reliable too. You can do this by building links with other blogs and news sources. If you can get a mention on a local news website that is widely read by people in your community, this can help you a lot. Also, look at ways to develop relationships with influential bloggers that might be able to give you some important coverage.

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