4 Merit-Worthy Standards a Good SEO Agency Follows for your Business

regwetgwtrThe rise of digital technology has changed the game for businesses of any size. The inability to adapt to changing times will leave you far behind, while your tech-savvy competitors steam ahead. A good search engine optimisation agency follows certain merit-worthy standards to ensure that you are not penalised in your endeavour to improve your rankings. Here they are:

Plans Ethical White-Hat Strategies to Minimise Possibility of Search Engine Penalties

Entering the online world isn’t easy with plenty of strategic considerations needed to get you to the top without following black-hat practices that could result in website penalties. SEO is immensely popular with most businesses today. Black-hat practices can get you to the top quickly, but they will ultimately lead to your downfall. Some of these practices include:

  • Link buying from unknown websites
  • Spamming
  • Doorway pages
  • Invisible texts

If you are caught following these practices, your rankings will drop dramatically. A good SEO company plans ethical white-hat strategies to minimise the possibility of search engine penalties for your long-term business gain. Always make sure the agency is upfront about their techniques when working with clients.

Offers No Hidden Costs

Without prior experience in the digital world, it’s hard to imagine what a good SEO strategy will cost you. Some unscrupulous SEO agencies will offer you a fixed price at the start, but may include some clauses that result in hidden costs expensed to your business. To prevent this from happening, here’s what you should do:

  • Check the contract thoroughly to ensure no hidden costs other than the fee you’re paying.
  • Be wary of rates that seem too good to be true because they often are.
  • Don’t always go for the lowest priced competitor – you may not be getting your money’s worth.
  • Compare prices between different SEO companies so you’re aware of a ballpark figure.
  • Understand the services being offered against the cost segmentation.

Honesty is an important quality for any business you work with, so make sure you choose someone who is trustworthy and dependable to minimise the possibility of paying for hidden costs in the future.

Brings a Wealth of Experience

Experience is a valuable asset for any business, and if you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll want an SEO agency that knows exactly what it is doing. Here’s what to look for when it comes to experience:

  • Showcases a portfolio of clients with valuable results achieved.
  • History of success for clients in industries similar to or the same as yours.
  • Client references of past work to reflect the good work of the agency.

Results are important when choosing a SEO company, so many sure anyone you work with is able to provide you with details of past work. This way you know you’re working with the right company for your business website SEO needs.

Flexibility to Fit into your Work Schedule

A good SEO company understands that you are busy running your business, and will adjust their services to resonate with your specific needs – rather than expecting you to accommodate them according to their schedules. Here’s how:

  • Delivers reports based on your requisite timelines.
  • Offers analytical support and research to resonate with your website performance.
  • Pays strict attention to deadlines.
  • Understands your unique requirements and offers a tailored strategy for your business.

Some agencies tend to work according to their own schedules, which can be frustrating for you as a business owner with minimal extra time. A good SEO agency will consider your working schedule, and will tailor a plan to suit your specific needs.

Sets Realistic Expectations

Unscrupulous agencies can make hefty promises about getting you to the first page on Google, but this is often just a fabrication in order to win your business. A good SEO agency is honest from the start. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Provides an honest assessment of where you are currently and how far you can go based on your budget.
  • Suggests a realistic timeline about how long it will take to improve your rankings.
  • Offers in-depth detail on what you need to do to boost your SEO rankings.

If you’re promised top search engine results from the word go, be very wary of the agency. While the ultimate goal is to get you the best possible ranking, unrealistic #1 promises don’t happen overnight or may not happen at all based on the type of industry you’re in. Ultimately, you want to rank your best, and a good agency helps set realistic expectations for your business.

A good search engine optimisation agency uses these principles to help your business, so look out for them when making your choice.

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