What Is Email Validation and Why It Matters

Email validation is a process that confirms two things about the email addresses collected by a business:

  1. Whether they exist or if they are genuine
  2. Whether they belong to those who submitted them

In this world of the internet, every business has to have an online presence. And emails are one of the most effective ways to get up close and personal with clients and prospects to establish and maintain long-term relationships. Therefore, the validity of the email addresses collected by a company is essential for various reasons.


While entering their email addresses online using different input devices like touch screens and keyboards, people often make mistakes that could lead to the entry of wrong email addresses. These wrong addresses could lead to miscommunication between the business and the client. The client could think they provided the correct email address and end up waiting for a response that will never show. The company, on the other hand, will never know anything about that client or prospect, since from its end no email from them was received.

And sometimes, malicious individuals purposefully provide fake or invalid email addresses either in person or using other software.

Email validation will confirm whether the email provided is real, and contact its provider for verification to ascertain that they submitted the correct one. Whenever you sign up for something online, and receive an inbox from the website you submitted your email address asking you to click a link or button to verify the email, that’s email verification in action.

Therefore, email verification or validation confirms the authenticity of email addresses to ascertain communication between a company and its clients or prospects.

Reduced Bounce Rates and Spamming

Email Service Providers (ESPs) – the companies that provide email services – are keen on working with reliable and trustworthy businesses.

Spamming has been a big issue on the internet ever since emails became a major way of getting personal information from people worldwide. With an increased spamming rate also came bouncing – when an email is sent to a non-existent recipient.

Spamming and bouncing are critical inconveniences for ESPs, and the best way for handling them was either to punish or get rid of the companies that were the culprits.

Spamming affects both ESPs and the recipients of unsolicited emails. Therefore, the more recipients categorize emails as spam, the higher the chances are that the ESP will identify the source of those emails and take action. According to EmailChecker, as an enterprise doing genuine business, you don’t want to get the attention of your ESP as a spammer. It will ruin your reputation and you’re likely to be blacklisted.

The same thing is true with high bounce rates. If most of the emails your company sends keep bouncing, it gives the impression that you bought or stole the addresses from somewhere or you are guessing them hoping they will end in some inbox. ESPs find these practices intolerable.

Without a solid relationship with your clients and prospects, your online business won’t thrive. Spamming and high bounce rates are relationship killers. To stay safe, email validation will guarantee you steer clear of them.

High Conversion Rates

Communication is key in business. When you have a message, you want it received exactly as you intended and to whom you intended.

Provided you reach the target you wanted with the message you intended for them, you have higher chances of getting positive feedback. That means higher conversion rates compared to if the message never gets to the recipient.

Using email validation, you’ll get high delivery rates, which will translate to high conversion rates.

Save Time, Money, and Energy

Email validation saves you time since you won’t have to send emails to non-existent recipients. Your ESP won’t have any quarrels with your company because you are careful and take extra measures to discourage inconveniences like spamming or bouncing.

Most ESPs provide email validation services, and of course, charge per the volume of emails you send through their systems. If you have a high spam percentage and bouncing rate, the chances are that you’ll be wasting money on emails that never gave you anything in return. However, if you use email validation, you’ll get rid of useless email addresses in advance, which means you’ll mostly be spending money on emails that yield something. In the long-term, this will save you many dollars.

Dealing with spamming and high bounce rates is exhausting; hence, taking preventive measures against such practices or scenarios will save you energy that you can spend doing something else – like ogling the success of your company.

In a nutshell, email validation increases the credibility and reliability of your online company and enhances its success rate by saving time, money and energy. Now, why wouldn’t an enterprise that yearns for success invest in such a reliable and productive service?

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