How to Find Time for Blogging during Your Breakfast

blogging-breakfastWhen you are a student, you have an office job, or you’re making money online, it’s hard to fit blogging into your life. You decide to start waking up earlier than usual? That’s great! But, you prefer using that time for morning stretching. What’s more important: blogging or exercise?

Wait. You don’t have to give up on exercise for the sake of blogging. If you’re too busy throughout the rest of the day, you can still blog in the morning. In fact, the morning is the perfect time for blogging. Your mind is fresh and rested. You’re still not burdened by the responsibilities of the day. The solution is in multitasking: blog during the breakfast. We’ll tell you how to do that.

1. The Breakfast: It Has to Be Quick, but Energizing

Forget the eggs and bacon. Forget the pancakes. First of all, meals like these waste your time. You have to prepare them, and take a shower afterwards, since the smell of food is all over you. That doesn’t mean you should opt for fast food, though. Prepare yourself a nice smoothie. Here are few combinations for you to try:

  • Almond milk, oats, and banana
  • Spinach, grape, and kiwi
  • Nuts and berries

When you combine fruits with oats, vegetables or nuts, you get a breakfast that’s not only tasty, but healthy and energizing as well. Don’t worry; it won’t leave you hungry. The breakfast in a glass is perfect for a blogger. You don’t use a spoon or fork with it. You prepare it in less than 5 minutes, you take the glass (or jar, if you prefer going full-on hipster), and you start blogging.

2. Turn This into a Routine

Blogging during breakfast should become your daily routine. If you start work or classes at 9am, you’ll have to start getting up at 6am. Make the decision. Repeat to yourself: “Tomorrow, I’ll wake up at 6pm and I’ll write an awesome blog post.” You’ll be enthusiastic about that the first day. The next morning, you’ll want to stay in bed a bit longer. Force yourself out of bed! It’s important to make the effort.

Keep forcing yourself until you turn this routine into a habit. When you turn breakfast blogging into a habit, you’ll be doing it without any effort.

3. Set Priorities

What goal do you want to achieve through blogging? When you don’t have a plan, you’re distracted. Blogging has many elements, which you need to bring into a single focus. These will be your tasks:

  •  Planning posts in accordance with the blogging schedule
  •  Research
  •  Writing posts for your blog
  •  Working on the blog’s design
  •  Writing guest posts
  •  Reviewing guest posts for your own blog
  •  Activity on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+
  •  Hunting for advertisers
  •  Responding to comments

The list doesn’t stop there. There are too many activities and you can’t do all of them by the time you’re done with that smoothie. You need to have priorities for the day, so you’ll stay focused on them. Make a daily schedule and keep following the plan.

4. Make an Outline

Let’s talk a bit more about planning. When we think about planning, we tend to focus on the big things: the blog posting schedule, topics, and big responsibilities for the day. What about the blog post itself? You have to plan that, too.

Before you start with the writing, make an outline. How do you want this post to look like? What’s your point? If you start without a plan, you risk ending up with messy content. The outline keeps you within a frame. Plus, it makes the blogging process faster and less stressful. You’ll be done before you know it.

5. Don’t Forget the Editing Part

When you plan the blogging process, make sure to leave some space for editing. It will take you around 30 minutes, but you have to be very attentive during this stage. It’s the perfect time for a coffee, since you’re probably done with the breakfast at this time.

Start reading the post and making the most important edits. During this stage, it’s important not to focus on details, but on the whole picture. Do you think the reader lacks information? Did you give credit to all sources? Did you use the right images? Are there any excessive sentences or paragraphs? When you’re done with these bigger edits, you can start proofreading. Now, pay attention to every single word and make sure it’s properly spelled. Mind your grammar and fix the flaws.

If you don’t have time for diligent editing or you can’t edit your own essay, you can get editing help and end up with the perfect post in a matter of hours. Just provide the instructions and the editor will do what has to be done. That’s a great way to save more time and get more effective results.

6. Use Your Weekends Really Well

During weekends, you don’t have work or classes on your schedule. You have an extended breakfast and more time for blogging. You can be as productive as you decide to be. Prolong the morning to noon. If you missed accomplishing some of the blogging goals throughout the week, now is the time to catch up.

Blogging does take a big commitment. When you decide to do it properly, it will become an important part of your day. Just like breakfast! The tips above gave you an idea how to start blogging during breakfast time. Try them; they work!

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