Selling Your House – The For Sale Sign

It goes without saying that if you want to get the best price for your property, you need maximum exposure both online and offline. With the internet being the norm for advertising your property, is it even worth putting up an estate agent sign. What could an estate agent sign offer over the power of the internet? You instruct an estate agent, before you instructconveyancing solicitors in Londonto handle legal matters involving the property sale. Sometimes you might not want to tell your neighbours that you are selling your property. But think carefully, why you would not want your neighbours to know. As mentioned earlier, you want maximum exposure to get the best possible price for your property. That means your estate agent needs to advertise on a huge number of websites and also tap into their database of existing clients to find as much interest as possible. The internet is obviously essential in selling a property but what does the for sale sign provide that the internet can’t.

Firstly think of the difference between a business that sells items from a shop in the high street and an online business that sells through a website. Either business can be successful depending on factors such as how well the business is managed, the items it sells, the price it sells it for, the location of the shop or the design of the website, how much marketing has been done and so on. But wouldn’t it be better if there is a physical store and a website? Then the business can target passers-by and web users.

The use of a for sale estate agent sign follows a similar principle. You want to spread by word of mouth that your property is in the market. Bear in mind that not everyone likes to use the internet. Some potential buyers would rather drive through streets where they want to buy a property from to see what is on offer. Some people may not be actively looking for a property but would consider it if they see the right one. Having a for sale sign would let them know the property is for sale and if they like what they see, they will contact the estate agent. Compared to advertising on a website, for sale signs are cheaper and is visible 24/7. Potential buyers don’t need to book an appointment with the estate agent to visit the property. If they see the sign and like the property, they can view the property from the outside before booking an appointment to view the inside.

For Sale Signs and the Law

Obviously there are regulations regarding the use of for sale signs. The sign must be taken down within 14 days of the tenancy agreement being signed or the completion of the sale. There can be no illumination of whatever kind. Only one for sale board can be displayed at any one time. To say the least, the sign must be tidy, clean and safe at all times without obstructing footpaths or pose a hazard to pedestrians or traffic.

The regarding the height and dimensions of the for sale sign, it can’t be higher than 4.6 metres above ground level and no larger than 0.5 square metres for a single board or 0.6 square metres for two joined boards.

Types of For Sale Signs

Two of the most popular materials for estate agent for sale signs are correx and foamex. The most popular being the correx board as it is low cost, lightweight and waterproof. Foamex material can also be used but it is more permanent so therefore more costly. Correx is a highly durable and corrugated weatherproof plastic that is the most common material for for sale signs due to its weatherproof qualities, durability, cheap cost and UV print.

Foamex signs are more permanent and impact-resistant than correx boards and is more of a permanent solution. They tend to have a smoother finish and harder than correx and also more weatherproof. Foamex boards are also heavier, making them more suitable for permanent signage. Although correx is the most popular material for estate agent for sale for sale signs, the material that you use is dependent on what type of property you have and your personal preference. Both materials can be mounted on walls if there are no fence outside the property being sold.

In this day and age of the internet, it is perfectly possible to sell your property online without using a for sale board or any form of offline marketing. However, as mentioned previously, if you are going to sell something as high value as your house, you would want to take your time and get the best offer possible and one of the best ways of doing that, is to cast your advertising net as wide as possible. Which means advertising on various websites, tapping into the estate agents database of potential buyers and putting up the for sale sign to let people know your property is for sale. When it comes to selling your house, every single marketing channel must be tapped into to enable you to find the best offer fast so to avoid the property sitting on the market for too long. Remember that the longer it sits on the market, the more buyers will perceive that the property is having difficulty finding a buyer and you will likely to get lower offers.

An 841 x 1189mm correx estate agent sign can be as little as £55.62 incl VAT and a correx board measuring 594 x 841mm costs only £30.79 incl VAT. Research indicates that sellers with for sale signs sell their property faster than sellers using only the online method.

For sale signs have been proven to work as research suggests that sellers placing a for sale sign tend to attract more buyers and hence sell more quickly and at a better price.

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