Top Psychological Factors of Attraction

beautiful man and womanToday we’re going to identify the top psychological factors of attraction.

Ever wonder what makes you attracted to another person? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but is it really? What is pretty? Who decides whether someone is attractive or not? Why do we think someone is really cute but their friend is just average? There are many that social factors that claim to whom we think are beautiful but the majority of what attracts us to other people is deeply embedded in our subconscious psyche.

1: Symmetry.

Symmetry in facial and body features is a huge determining factor in perceived level of attraction. Tested on over a multitude of cultures worldwide, Symmetry means beauty, and it’s easy to understand why. After all, there’s really no other sight quite as lovely as two identical big, beautiful eyes staring back at you, now is there?

2: Parent’s age.

Have an older dad? Sorry, but you’re prone to be attractive to older men with more facial creases and chances are less hair. How old your parents were, plays a huge part in who you find attractive as an adult. So, the younger your parents were when you were born, the more likely you will be to have an attraction to the younger generation.

3: Face Ratio.

There’s a magical face ratio number that dictates who will be beautiful and who will fail. For example, the distance between your eyes and mouth should be about 36% percent of the length of your face. Babe, math. I guess that’s how plastic surgeons make so much money.

4: Oedipus complex.

Okay, okay. We’ve all heard it before but is it really true? The answer is however creepily you want to interpret it is yes. We are indeed attracted to people who remind us of our parents for example if your mom has blonde hair and blue eyes chances are good you’ll end up with a girl just like it. Or if your dad was tall and thin, you’ll probably be interested in guys who remind you of him. I know it’s weird, best just to deal with it.

5: You are more than what you wear.

Humans are attracted to certain colors more than others; cold, neutral tones have a calming effect while bright colors like Orange and Red stimulate attraction in many an innocent onlooker. Next time you want to spice your night out throw on something tight and something red.

6: Voice pitch.

Women tend to raise their voice pitch when they are attracted to another person; this is an involuntary indication that they are interested in mating, so this raise in pitch is perceived as attractive to others around them. In studies, women with higher voices, in general, are thought to be more desirable than those with lower voices.

7: Smells matter.

They say the smell is the strongest sense linked to memory. So needless to say how you smell is incredibly important, not to mention what you eat, where you work and how often you bathe can be subconsciously absorbed by the nose. Different people are attracted to different smells like dairy, curry, sweat, or smoke.

8: Appetite.

How hungry you are can determine who you find attractive when your stomach is growling you tend to find others attractive who are more larger in size, with more fat on their bodies, this is thought to be a genetic pool to those with more resources and access to food. So, the next time you find yourself oddly attracted to the chubby guy two doors down, check and see if it is your brain or your belly that is in charge.

9: That time of the month…

Women have higher drives when they ovulate, just as men are more attracted to women who are ovulating, this is because the chance of getting pregnant during this time of the month is much greater than at any other period, in this case, timing really is everything.

What do you think of all these points, I’d love to hear your thoughts, please let me know in comments!

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