Top Five Romantic Gifts for Couples

tg3tgA romantic is someone who positively impresses other people’s emotions. Gift giving is a science that works on consideration and love. Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts, but the degree of the thought is what distinguishes a meaningful gift from something that someone will just trash without a second thought. Gifts for couples require more thoughtfulness because you have to get something that they will both appreciate. But how do you know gifts that are best for the couple in question? How will you tell whether they will indeed appreciate what you get for them? Check out the following few ideas to get a clue on what to look for to express your love and jubilation for the couple in question.

  1. Useful Gifts

One of the best gifts to get couples are useful gifts. We are talking stuff like kitchen appliances, furniture, electronics, and whatever else you can come up with. The key is going for something that will make their lives a bit easier. Wouldn’t you be really relieved if a friend got you a 64” smart TV for your home? That’s a useful gift; especially if you just got married and haven’t yet got one of these guys. A bed is nice, particularly if you can get one that has a design the couple loves. However, if you decide to get a bed as a gift for the couple, make sure you are not an ex of either of the parties. The last thing you want is for the other party to start thinking of you when they should be thinking of their partner.

  1. Gift Vouchers or Money?

Money is great, isn’t it? But is it? It depends. If you are dealing with a newlywed couple, chances are that a great deal of financing was necessary to facilitate the wedding. Considering that they are just starting their lives together, they have a long way down the road. Chances are that they have a few or a lot of finances to take care of. Giving a lump sum of money as a gift to the couple can be very beneficial in one of these instances. The only problem with money is that it is a very sensitive thing and one that not many people know how to handle well. The thing is that when you give people money, some sense of entitlement develops; people tend to feel like they owe you something. The nature of giving gifts is offering something of value to the other party with no strings attached. But despite the fact that you mean well when you offer money to another as a gift, there is always a tacit sense that there are some strings attached. That’s why you should be careful when giving money as a gift. And if you do, avoid mentioning it in conversations in the future, particularly when you intend to show how generous your offer was. If you in any way brag, or even innocuously bring it up in a conversation, you risk arousing the feeling of some strings being pulled in the couple. By giving them money as a gift for whatever reason, you were reinforcing your association with the couple, and not making slaves out of them. So make them feel loved and celebrated as intended. Don’t give money as a gift to anyone, unless it is absolutely necessary

Instead, go for gift vouchers. Most couples will feel more comfortable with these. Some ideas to consider are spa vouchers, décor vouchers, a banquet, or any voucher that will be helpful to the couple. Ultimately, it’s better you get someone a million-dollar car than give them a million dollars. But then again, if you will be mature about it, I believe anyone will prefer the million dollars.


  1. Personalized and Customized Gifts

Everyone feels special when they get a gift that was made specifically for them. A golden ring with the recipient’s name engraved on it is more special than a mere golden ring. So whatever gift you choose for the couple, ensure that there is a detail in it that they can relate to. Some ideas to consider are coffee mugs with art illustrations that are specific to the couple. You could have the last name of the couple included as part of the art.

  • A photo album depicting how events unfolded during the couple’s wedding is nice.
  • A photo album depicting the couple’s journey or timeline will be much appreciated.
  • Glassware with the couple’s last name engraved on them is special.
  • You can even do a film about the couple. The trick is looking for something special about the couple and including it as part of your customization.

Also, consider gifts that have some sentimental value to the couple. For example, a unique wedding photo album is something a couple will cherish for their lives. It’ll always be a beautiful reminder of when they tied the knot. Look for more things like this. It doesn’t have to be their wedding. Check the next point for more ideas.


  1. First-Something Gifts

One of the things that most couples love celebrating is their first-something; first anniversary, first date, the first time they saw each other, first time they ate together, the first time they brushed teeth together, the first time they sneezed together, the first time they – you get the drill. Find a way of learning about one of these first-something events, particularly one they are fond of and get them a creative gift to help them celebrate that moment. If you’ll be there for their first anniversary as a wedding couple, that’ll be one of your chances. Ensure it’s something that’ll be so good that 50 years down the line, they’ll look at it and remember that specific first-something event.

  1. R & R Gifts

R & R as in Rest and Relaxation, not Rock and Roll, silly. R & R gifts are perhaps one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give a couple. You see, being a couple is not easy; ask any couple and they’ll tell you. Now ask a newlywed couple and they’ll even write an entire encyclopedia for you just to emphasize what they had to deal with during the wedding and after. Go a little further and ask a couple who have been married for a while and they’ll go on forever about what a challenge it is being a couple.

R & R gifts, like spa vouchers, fully paid retreats, or anything that will give the couple some peace and quiet, alone, will prove very beneficial to them. After all the hustle and demands of a wedding, a newlywed couple will love it if they could get away from family and friends and just be alone for a while. A couple that has been married for a while will also appreciate some time alone in peace and quiet; especially if they have kids. If you can get someone to take care of the kids while they have some peace and quiet, alone, without unnecessary interruptions or distractions, you’ll have made their year – and maybe even saved their marriage.

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