Most Popular Hobbies in the World

ewfwewHobbies often start out as pastime activities and before you know it, you are spending all your monthly earnings and most of your time on something that a few months ago, you had no idea existed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every hobby you ever picked up will turn into a passion. In fact, most of us have to go through quite a few fads before finding that passion which never really dies out. Take a look at the following list of the world’s most popular hobbies and see if you have tried any one or multiple of these already.


One of the healthiest hobbies that you can have is to play some sort of a sport. It keeps you physically fit, active and socially engaged. As a kid, playing sports may help you build a stronger body and a better personality. Even when people don’t have the opportunity to continue playing a sport they loved, they follow the professional games on TV and that’s exactly why popular sporting events usually have the highest viewership on television.

Reading Books

Ever since the first book was written, people were lining up to read it. Many thought that the ancient hobby of reading books was going to dissipate with time as smartphones and computers began to take over our lives. As it turned out, e-books made sure that never happens! Reading a book is not only one of the best hobbies you can have in terms of growing as a person, it is also a delightful experience that cannot be matched by anything else. It’s a journey into a different world with different lives, created by the words of a talented writer and the wings of the reader’s imagination.

Video Games

If technology has ever given birth to a hobby, it would be gaming. It could be casual and fun games that anyone can play and enjoy like the ones onKizi, or hardcore multiplayer games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), which are actually being played professionally now. Gaming has opened up in so many dimensions with the advancement of technology and the support of millions of enthusiasts around the world, that it is just too big to be considered “a children’s hobby” anymore.


Your destinations and the way you travel may vary, depending on your budget, but almost everyone loves to travel. In fact, if you go on social media, you will find that most profiles have some sort of a picture from their travels set as the cover photo. As of now, the worldwide tourism business is flourishing more than ever before and this is exactly the reason why. Travelling was always a popular hobby, but the frequency and the number of people traveling have increased more than ever before.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are amazingly popular, all over the world. For centuries, people have painted, drawn, sewn cushions, created tapestries, woven fabric, made patchwork quilts, and spent their leisure time doing all manner of artistic activities. Crafting and art are easy to do. You don’t need any skill or previous experience. You just need some time and space. It’s also an inexpensive hobby, which is great if you don’t have much money to spend on your pastimes.


Writing is another popular creative pursuit that many pursue in their spare time. You don’t need anything to start writing, just a word processing program, or if you prefer to do it the old-fashioned way, a notebook and pen. You don’t need to have an audience for your writing, but if you want some feedback, check out online writing forums and websites where amateurs can post their work and ask for feedback. However, you do need a thick skin, as online criticism can often be brutal.


Cooking is something that many people do in their spare time. Cooking is a useful skill to learn, particularly for the younger generation who don’t always know how to prepare simple, healthy meals. What you cook is up to you, but it is fun to experiment once you understand the basics. Have a go at creating cakes and sweet treats, or try new world cuisines such as Asian dishes or South American specialties.


There are a lot of green-fingered people out there who like nothing better than spending an afternoon outdoors, planting, weeding, and tweaking their back yard to create a paradise of color. There are thousands of websites and blogs dedicated to the wonders of gardening, so if you need a few pointers about what to grow and when to grow it join a forum or read a web page or two. Gardening is a favorite hobby of many seniors. It helps to keep them fit and active into old age, plus they get to enjoy the fruit of their labors once the hard work is done. Younger people are less enthused about gardening as it takes up a fair amount of time, which many younger people don’t have. However, once you discover the joy of nurturing new life in your garden, you won’t look back.


There are scenic hiking trails in every country on earth and millions of people spend their free time exploring new places and hiking into an unexplored wilderness. Hiking is suitable for any age and any ability. You don’t need to be super fit to enjoy a good hike, which is why it is appealing to so many people. All you need are some sturdy boots, a map or a GPS device, and a thirst for adventure.


At last, we come to the most popular hobby in the world. There are people who have never read a book they didn’t have to, never touched a video game controller or traveled to any place just for the fun of it; however, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone in the entire world who doesn’t like listening to any form of music. Be it playing an instrument, singing or just plain listening to the work produced by someone else, music is the number one hobby of people all around the world and it doesn’t matter how many other hobbies you have, you will listen to music even if you do it every once in a while only.

There are of course plenty of other hobbies and some of them may not even seem productive or entertaining to the outsider, but the ones who enjoy those activities swear by them. What one does with his/her own time is his/her own business, but if you do not yet have anything that you are passionate about, it might just be time to try a few new things!

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