How to Laugh All the Way to The Bank

Money. I bet most people would agree that money makes the world go round. I mean, without it, life can be very frustrating, embarrassing, humiliating, painful, and worst of all, lonely. But with it, all things seem bright and beautiful. Saving money is one of the surest ways of getting some money to stick with you. You want to make money not just to spend it, but you also want some of it to stick with you. How else will you show people that you’ve got some cash? Be that as it may, there are various methods to save money, and they are all for the same reason; to have insurance for some rainy day, or for financing a big project like retirement, long-term vacation, or even just buying a house. Whatever your reason may be, let’s have a look at some of the methods to laugh all the way to the bank.


Why Laugh?

It is said that there’s no pillow as soft as a clear conscience. Well, when you’ve got no unnecessary stress to trouble you at night, then you are likely to have very peaceful nights. Having financial security means you are free from one of the most troubling stresses most people have to endure; financial insecurity. When you know you have some money saved, that after a particular period of time you’ll have a good sum for some purpose, and that your future is secured, you’ll feel a sense of peace in your heart. And that peace is what makes you laugh all the way to the bank. When you tell those around you “Hakuna Matata; No Worries” indeed, there’ll be no worries.

Method 1: Coupons

If your parents loved coupons, or if you know a relative or friend who will never spend money when there’s a coupon, if you never understood them, you are about to. It’s simple, really; why spend money when you don’t have to? Coupons are great in that they give you the opportunity to acquire an item of interest at a cheaper price than the retail price or without spending any money at all. For instance, is offering coupons for purchasing some items. Using their coupons, provided you’ve met the criteria given to enable you to use them, you’ll save yourself some quality cash. If you would like to save yourself some money, be sensitive and alert about coupons and save any you find at least for as long as they are valid. Whenever a coupon offers a good deal, make the most of it. There are times when whatever the coupons enable you to redeem is not valuable. That’s the only time you shouldn’t pay attention to them. Otherwise, a coupon could be the determining factor in you acquiring a dream home or ending up wishing you had that house for the rest of your life. The money saved from using the coupon should preferably be saved.

Method 2: Discounts

If you don’t know by now, always ask for discounts, and bargain whenever possible. It’s these extra cents and dollars that make the difference. For example, if you managed to save only $5 a month. That’ll translate to $60 in a year. And in 10 years, that’ll be $600. Looking at it from that perspective, that $5 seems like a lot of money now, doesn’t it? And remember, that’s the gross amount you’ll save, with compound interest doing its magic, we’ll be talking about a completely different sum. Don’t just expect shops to let you know that they offer discounts, or that the price of an item is not fixed; make it your business to know these things. That way, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money with time, and Oh, the joy this will give you.

Method 3: Research

Research is perhaps the most effective way to ensure you laugh all the way to the bank. The more you know about money-saving techniques, the better your chances will be of identifying various ways for saving money, and the wealthier and financially stable you’ll be.

If you’re traveling either by bus, metro, air, or sea, do your homework first before embarking on your lovely adventure. Look for the most affordable prices possible that will also give you some degree of comfort. You’ll have to make a few sacrifices here and there. So the ability to distinguish between things that matter and those that don’t will prove invaluable in this instance. Once you find something that provides a good service at a more affordable price, then that’s your price and that’s where you should focus your energy.

Doing research also applies to looking for hotel rooms, and alternative accommodations. The less money you’ll spend on such things, the more money you’ll save for the future adventures and activities.

Research will also reveal even more ways for saving money.

Method 4: Energy

The amazing thing about saving money is that you don’t have to make more money for you to be able to save money. Anyone should be able to save money, provided they are able to determine how. It’s the little things that give you the chance to buy a good present for your family. For example, instead of using electric bulbs for lighting during the day, use daylight. Using daylight to light up your home during the day will save around $65 a month. Moreover, using green technologies like wind, and solar power will enable you to save even more money.

Method 5: Avoid Credit

If possible, steer clear of credits cards. There’s nothing that’ll really drug you behind like having credit. Being in possession of or having access to credit cards encourages the bad behavior of spending money before you have it. If you’re not careful with credit cards, they will leave you penniless. Nonetheless, if you stay away from credit cards and only work with the money you already have, your chances of successfully saving money for the future will increase significantly.

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