How to Be More Attractive without Sacrificing Yourself

Hey everybody! So you know when you fancy someone, you automatically, you subconsciously want to change some parts about you so you can be more attractive to them. However, many people still don’t like changing their core values, beliefs or who they truly are. Here are six things that you can change without compromising your true self.

Number 1: Sense of Humour.

Aside from being able to sustain an intelligent conversation. Someone who can make us laugh while keeping the conversation is a definitely appealing style. Studies support this. A sense of humour is one of the most mentioned qualities about a person when asked what they find attractive about a person.


Number 2: Loyalty.

A sense of trust and commitment is something that most people look for in a potential partner. If someone really fancies you or sees you as a potential partner trying to woo their affection. Loyalty will be a big factor. Someone you’re chasing doesn’t want you to think that you’re going off chasing other people. So, stick to romancing one person at a time and let the object of your affection know that it’s all about them.

Number 3: Confidence.

We find confident people more attractive. Confidence gives us a sense that we can see that they know what they want and they know who they are. It rubs off on us and gives us a feeling of security. Furthermore, people who are more confident treat other people better too and have healthy boundaries for themselves. It’s just plain easier to be around people who are sure of themselves. Be that person and other’s will be drawn to you.

Number 4: Spontaneous.

Planning is great and an organised partner is awesome but there has to be a certain level of spontaneity in dating. That might not be seen otherwise. Someone who can think on the spot makes life so much more exciting.


Number 5: Honesty.

We obviously all want someone who is honest. Someone who speaks the truth and does what they say. When they make a mistake, they’ll own up to their mistake and apologise. Honesty creates the relationship to be authentic. Being honest will save you a lot of headaches.

Number 6: Passionate.

We all look for someone who is passionate and will share that passion with us. They can be passionate about the relationship or they can be passionate about their goals and dreams. Simply being passionate makes life so much more vibrant. Find what lights your passion and don’t be surprised when others start to be more interested in you.

Don’t forget to comment what you think is a good way to be more attractive without sacrificing who you are, below.

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