7 Ways to Ace a Dream Job Interview

Most of us are afraid of interviews. We feel like we’re interrogated and put under pressure, so we automatically enter our defense mode. When the mind of a job applicant is surrounded by stress, he’s likely to react differently compared to how he would usually react.

Unfortunately, in order to attain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, we are ought to seek the activity that makes us feel passionate and alive. But to get that dream job, we must go through some necessary steps – resume & interviews.

If you know how to approach the interview like a pro, your chances of getting that job significantly improve. We have gathered several insightful strategies which will help you ace your dream job interview. Pay attention and make sure that you implement it all!

7 Ways to Ace a Dream Job Interview

Have a Well-Written Resume in the First Place

To get to the interview stage, you must first impress through your resume. An employer will always prefer hiring an applicant that looks above average. Fortunately, by improving your resume and by making it impeccable, you’re going to attract attention.

If you feel confident enough, you should craft your CV on your own. Look at examples of successful resumes and take whatever fits. However, I’d suggest you take a step back and let a professional help you.

Check out some reviews of resume writing services first. Choose the one that appeals to you most, and develop a relationship with the writer assigned to you. Whenever you make new applications, talk to your writer and express your preferences.

The More Knowledge the More Confidence and Excellence

Knowledge is power. Not surprisingly, this statement also applies to the job recruitment sphere. In order to show up extremely prepared for the interview, you should take the time to study it closely. Observe their culture, understand their motives, and figure out their goals.

By “doing your homework” before the interview, you’re building up your confidence. An applicant that enters the office with a positive and optimistic vibe is likely to get remarked. Therefore, never skip researching the company you’re applying for first.

Be Honest. Always.

Don’t talk crap. Once you get caught, your reputation will suddenly decrease and your chances to land another good job in the field will really drop. Besides that, there’s really no point in serving lies to your employer. You know how lies work…in the end…you always get caught.

When you’re being honest, your body language is also different. Lying will leave a lot of signs and trails, and if the recruiter is trained well, you will end up in a big mess. Never cheat your way to success because it won’t truly last for long!

Don’t Feel Inferior – You’re Not

I know that you’re the one who’s being interviewed…the one who’s put under pressure. And I also know that you might feel inferior somehow. Let me explain you something: just because you’re sitting in the less comfortable chair in the room that doesn’t mean you’re less important.

You’re there because the company needs your knowledge and skills – don’t forget that. Without employees, a big business wouldn’t even function. You’re the juice of their operations, so they’d better treat you well.

Employees that enter the recruiter’s office with a scared face show insecurity and fear. When that happens, they’ll be treated differently and rarely taken into real consideration. Perceive yourself as an important component and you shall do a better first impression.

Emphasize the Benefits You’ll Bring to the Table

They hire you because they believe you’ll make the company better. They hire you because they need results, and they’re willing to pay a big salary for them. Obviously, during the interview stage, you should emphasize the benefits that their company will get once they let you in.

By presenting relevant real-life stories and happenings, you can indirectly suggest your biggest traits and qualities. As businesses have “unique value propositions”, you should also bring your unique value proposition.

State your biggest advantages directly and indirectly, then suggest how these skills of yours will change the future of their company. Even if your job produces fewer results, emphasize those few results in the best possible manner.

Show Leadership Traits

Improve your chances of landing your dream job by displaying leadership traits right from the start. Most employers are looking for capable individuals who can handle stress, hard decisions, and chaos. The leadership mindset is exactly the type of mindset that will get you far. Once your words suggest the thinking of a leader, you’ll earn your recruiter’s respect pretty fast.

During the interview, suggest the actions you’ve taken while working for the previous company. State how your thinking, decisions, and actions made a positive impact on both the company’s performance and on your ex-colleagues as well.

Obviously, if you consider that you still need to improve your leadership abilities, you can always read more about it.

Be a Professional

Be a professional! Put yourself in your recruiter’s shoes; how would you like your recruits to be? Can you see the difference between a person who shows up in casual clothing and a person who is dressed impeccably for the interview? Can you see the difference between a pleasant body language and an annoying one?

I’d suggest you always show up impeccable. Pay attention to your clothing, voice tone, body language, and obviously the things you say.


Landing good jobs revolve around a combination of art and skills. Your natural talent (art) and your persistence (skills) are your most powerful tools towards achieving great things. Don’t forget that each job interview will be different. That is why you can never predict how well it’s going to turn out.

What you can do instead is prepare yourself in the best possible manner. Once you build up some “aces up the sleeves” and mentally prepare yourself for the worst, landing great jobs will start becoming a child’s job. Good luck, and don’t forget to be persistent!

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