The Writers’ Strike is Over: What Will Happen on Ugly Betty?

frwfrwqfrfAfter three grueling months, the writers’ strike is finally over. This is fantastic news for the writers because they’ve been able to successfully negotiate for some of the royalties they’d previously been denied. However, this is even better news for TV watchers across the globe because we finally get our shows back!! This is a good excuse to get away with not doing homework. So the big question on everyone’s mind is: Will my show return? And if so, how many more episodes will I see this year? Ugly Betty fans, this article is for you. Here we’ll take a look at where we left off and what we can expect for the rest of the season now that the strike is over.

While a few episodes did air during the strike, Betty fans have been largely deprived of their show since the strike began. After the last few episodes, this is where we find the characters. Betty still refuses to acknowledge the fact that Gio has a thing for her; instead she is counting down the hours until Henry has to return back to Arizona to care for his child. Amanda finally found her father, and her quest helped to uncover evidence that proved that Claire Meade was not responsible for the death of Faye Sommers, therefore she has been cleared of all charges and is now back with her children and Meade Publications.

Claire has also made the decision, much to the chagrin of Daniel and Alexis, that she’s bored and would like to start her own magazine at Meade. On the other end of the spectrum, Willamina, along with the help of her assistant Mark, is doing whatever she can to get back into the Meade dynasty. After failing to launch her own magazine Slater, she’s decided to move onto plan B. Learning that Christina’s husband has returned and will soon die if he doesn’t undergo an experimental study, Willamina offers her the money she’ll need for the study if she agrees to be artificially inseminated with the eggs of Willamina and the sperm of the late Bradford Meade. By birthing a Meade heir, she believes she will be able to gain control of Meade Publications once and for all.

According to TV Guide, Ugly Betty is scheduled to shoot 5 new episodes that will air in April and May. While this is great news for Betty fans, it still means we have a bit of a wait ahead of us, and it also means that we won’t get a full season in this year. So the big question now is what’s going to happen in these 5 episodes? Now I’m not one for spoilers, so this is merely a guessing game for me, but here are my thoughts on what might happen.

With each episode you can see the relationship between Betty and Henry falter just a little bit. Although I’d hate to see Henry go, I can see Henry leaving to go be with Charlie and the baby which leaves Betty open to start something with Gio. It was interesting to see the pull that Betty had with Henry in the beginning stages of their courtship, but now you can see that there’s something much deeper between Betty and Gio and I’d love to see that explored.

As for Willamina, it’s tough to say what will happen with her. Being the villain that she is, her ultimate goal is to take over Meade Publications but in the world of good guys vs. bad guys (at least on television anyway) the good guys seem to prevail in the end. So it’s pretty safe to assume that any attempts she makes to take over the company will eventually be thwarted. So where does that leave Christina then? As of right now it hasn’t been confirmed that the in vitro was successful, so we don’t know yet if a Meade heir is on the way, but I’m going to bet that we will see a pregnant Christina in the future, because I believe that this truly is the last ditch effort for Willamina, so if it doesn’t work, her story line will no longer exist.

As for everyone else, I can see them continuing to play their part in the dramatic life of Betty. It’d be nice to see her nephew Justin come to the realization that he misses his dad and that he shouldn’t sacrifice his own identity in order to cope with his feelings (I don’t like Justin as a punk!). I think the one thing that many fans would like to see is Betty changing up her style just a little bit. Yes the point of the show is that she is ‘Ugly Betty’, but after a season and a half working in the fashion industry you’d think the outfits would calm down just a little bit! Well at least if she can’t change her clothes, let her get her braces off!! I honestly don’t think that changes to Betty’s appearance will sacrifice the higher meaning of the show.

All in all, I’m just plain excited to see Betty finally come back on the air! This strike has been tough on everyone, so it’ll be nice to get back to some TV normalcy. Have any thoughts on what will happen on Ugly Betty? Feel free to share…it’s always fun to see what fan’s think about the show! So for now, the countdown is on…as far as I’m concerned, April can’t come fast enough!

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