The 7 Different Anime Genres Every Fan Should Know

ewfrwfqAnime originated from Japan, and as of now, there can be found millions and millions of people who are die-hard fans of anime and just love watching anime movies and series. Watching furious dragon fly, giant beast roaring, super powers is an amusing experience. But with millions of anime content available online, the one which perfectly conforms with your favourite genre is difficult to find. However, the multiple genres in which the overall anime content in this world is divided into helps the ardent fans to choose their genre of interest.

Proper knowledge on the genre-based division of anime content can serve the purpose of selecting the best one among the pool.

The Popular Genres of Anime

The following section gives information regarding some of the most popular anime genres available for viewing by the users worldwide.

  1. Action

With thrilling battles and action-packed fight scenes, the anime shows under action genre are just what the young boys would expect from anime. Battle scenes, fluid animation, and intense action are just the key for the anime based on action. Action anime shows also use highly motivating and punchy dialogues for their characters which adds to the intensity of the characters.

This makes the characters from the anime movies under action genre to be quite impressive and striking. Some of the popular anime content coming under action genre includes:

– Gurren Lagann

– Fullmetal Alchemist

– Darker than Black

– Trigun

  1. Adventure

Adventure anime shows depict travelling all around the world and exploring places with a certain goal. The stories usually revolve around characters that have a certain dream in their mind and they travel on their own or with their friends to achieve their dream facing all the obstacles. Adventure anime shows are actually broad and flexible on their own and can be stretched to a huge number of episodes and can also include action in some of the episodes as a tincture of excitement.

This makes the anime under the adventure category as one of the most watched anime types. Some of the anime shows coming under adventure genre are:

– One piece

– Spice and Wolf

– Kino’s journey

– Fairy Tail

  1. Comedy

Comedy anime shows usually have the motive to make the audience laugh through the quirky dialogues or the funny visual portrayals. Some of the anime in comedy are used to depict comic as well delivering a global message while some others do not have any relevant content.

These anime may not have much impression like action or adventure but for some of the hilarious moments, comical twists, or funny dialogues these shows can certainly tickle the funny bones of the viewers. Some of the anime shows under comedy genre are:

– Nichijou

– Gintama

– The Devil is a Part-Timer!

– The Melancholy of Harumi Suzumiya

  1. Slice of Life

The anime shows coming under this category are based on real-life incidents. The stories depicted in such genre are not imaginary or crafted separately. All the scenes rotate around realistic events and portray the real life happenings. The stories depicted are usually motivational and portray the everyday life of any particular person or community with the utmost precise depiction of all the happenings. Some of the anime shows highlighted under this genre are:

– Barakamon

– Lucky Star

– Koufuku Grafitti

– Wagnaria!!

  1. Supernatural

Supernatural genre depicts bizarre events, stuff which does not have any relevance or relation with the real world. They depict events which are mystical or mythical or out of reach by any normal human being. People like this kind of genre because of mystery attached with each episode which increases their curiosity of next happenings and makes them long for more. Some of the anime under this genre are:

– Blue Exorcist

– Durarara

– Bakemonogatari

– Noragami

  1. Romance

Romance anime shows are usually liked by girls. They depict sweet moments and love and heart blooming events between couples. Anime under romance genre are often mixed with another genre like comedy or drama for visualizing scenarios on which the stories get placed. Some of the popular anime shows under romance genre are:

– Honey and Clover

– Golden Time

– Lovely Complex

  1. Drama

The anime under drama genre is made to connect the viewers about the feelings of the characters in the drama. Such shows usually bring tears through the emotions and feelings of the characters depicted in the anime. Such anime shows are greatly liked for making the viewers connected to each of the episodes and touching their hearts. The viewers strongly connect with the protagonists of the shows and this makes them long for the episodes of the show in succession. Some of the anime shows under this genre are:

– Clannad

– Your Lie in April

– Kanon

– Little Busters!


Splitting up the total anime content available into multiple genres indeed helps the audience to get more and more anime conforming to a specific genre that they like. The anime genres are greatly helpful for making up your lists of your anime requirements. Whether you are an intense watcher, a die-hard fan or just a casual viewer, you will certainly have great benefits if you know about the several genres of anime.

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