5 Things to Know When Hiring a Bucking Bull for an Event

Nothing draws crowd attention like a mechanical bull at a party. Your event doesn’t even need to be themed for it to be an instant hit with the guests, from the young ones to the young once! Before you contact a local bucking bull hire company, however, take note of the following guidelines to ensure a fun time for all.

Look into the Company’s Safety Standards and Policies

To ensure the success of your event, you’ll want assurance that nothing untoward will happen to your guests. While accidents are sometimes inevitable, it’s prudent to do everything in your power to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Before you sign an agreement with abucking bull hire company to set up a mechanical bull at your event, check their safety track record first. Read any reviews you can find online about their services, or ask people who have hired them before what their experience was like.

Most companies are transparent about the measures they take to ensure everyone’s safety. For instance, they can tell you if they’re WorkSafe compliant and if their equipment goes through regular inspections by a licensed professional. You can also ask them if they have public liability insurance. Finding the answers to these questions can go a long way towards giving you peace of mind.

Make Sure There’s Enough Space

A bucking bull setup requires a minimum amount of clearance around it to be operated safely. There should be enough space for the mechanical amusement itself, its inflatable base, the machine’s operator, and spectators. You’ll also want to check if there’s enough height clearance if the event is going to be indoors. Make sure to ask the hire company about the requirements of the specific equipment you are renting.

Confirm That Your Venue Has the Appropriate Power Line

The bull needs power in order to run, and different kinds have different power requirements. Check with your chosen venue if they have the infrastructure required for your bucking bull. Most companies can include a power generator if the existing power line is insufficient for the equipment. Inform of your needs ahead of time so that they can include it in your setup package.

Allow for Some Time to Have It Set Up

A bucking bull amusement will need at least an hour of lead time to be properly set up. Ask the company how long it takes to put the attraction together, and factor that into your event preparations. This and the time it will take to tear the amusement down for egress after the festivities is very important, especially if you are renting the event space. Coordinate with both your venue operators and the bucking bull hire company to ensure that there is enough time for both set-up and tear-down. If you’d like the ride to be dismantled earlier than the time stated in the contract, you should let the company know ahead of schedule as well.

Keep the Company’s Contact Information Handy

In order to facilitate communication, do keep the company’s contact information somewhere where you can easily find it. Keep your phone close by as well. Should the company run into any trouble before the event, they will be able to let you know as soon as possible.

Renting a bucking bull for your next get together guarantees loads of fun for your guests, ensuring that you’ll have an event no one will soon forget. As long as certain requirements are met, you should have nothing less than a smashing time!

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