Natural Methods that Shorten Menstruation and Relieve Specific Pain

Because many women experience intense pain during menstruation, today we decided to do a top of the most effective natural methods to help relieve these pains and shorten the period.

Before you try any of these methods, our recommendation is to consult your family doctor or gynecologist to make sure that a medical condition does not cause your pains.

Be careful about the foods you eat and drink enough water

drink enough water

You say that these two tips are perhaps too trivial when it comes to menstrual pain, but it turned out that diet directly influences the menstruation. Specifically, a balanced diet based on raw fruits and vegetables – most natural – will help you have a less abundant menstruation and avoid severe pain during this stage.

Also, if you drink enough water, your cramps may be less painful, and you will be better hydrated. Conversely, caffeine-based drinks and sodas, as well as high sugar drinks emphasize cramps and stimulate dehydration.

Try raspberry leaf tea

raspberry leaf tea

Also known as the “women’s tea,” raspberry leaf tea is rich in minerals and greatly helps to relieve PMS pain, and shorten the time of the period.

Also, it is thought that in pregnant women who consume this tea, the labor is reduced by up to 20%.

Indulge yourself with dark chocolate


Besides being delicious, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that give you a good mood, relieves pain, and helps to have a shorter menstruation.

Avoid excess salt

Avoid excess salt

Just like sodas or coffee with sugar, salt can worsen your bloating and menstrual pain as it causes water retention.



Some women are reluctant to workout or have any kind of phisical exercise when menstruating, under the impression that this will aggravate the pain or lead to a more abundant menstruation. Totally fake! The sport helps the body, even at that time of the month. You will notice that after half an hour of movement you are going to feel much better – more energic and the menstrual pain will diminish considerably.

Sport increases heart rate, blood circulation, and shortens menstruation considerably.

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