5 Steps to Boost Your Health and Look Radiant

We are all time short these days, particularly when it comes to our beauty, health, and wellbeing. Then we regret it when we look in the mirror and see dull, sallow skin. Now is the time to take control, read about five simple daily changes you can make and start seeing results. Best of all they hardly take any time and you don’t have to give anything up!

A beauty caffeine boost


We all know green tea and coffee can be used to boost your mood, but there are benefits to your skin, hair, and nails too. Coffee is an anti-oxidant, our skins’ best friend in the fight against aging, environment, and pollution. Your cup of morning java can improve you from the inside, brightening skin, softening lines and cleaning out pores.

However, think about your coffee the same way you do about skincare and buy the best you can. One of the things you can do is swap your existing coffee for an organic blend. The beverages that we consume are important choices in the quest for healthier lifestyles. Organic Fair Trade coffee can be a simple change that makes a massive improvement to you and at the same time you’re helping others better their lives.

Organic coffee is brewed in small batches roasted separately from non-organic beans. Smaller batches can mean better quality coffee, and unlike conventional coffee blends, you are not exposed to synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, minimizing health risks such as skin irritation and hormone imbalance. Here you can find high quality fair trade coffee in the convenience of a Nespresso style pod from high-quality sources. So, swap your coffee and make it a healthy, luxurious option that develops communities at the same time.

What to do with our energy boost?


We all claim to never have enough time for exercise, take advantage of your caffeine energy boost and incorporate some simple stretching and cardiovascular exercise to your morning making a difference in as little as ten minutes.

As well as obvious physical benefits to shape, muscle, weight control, exercise can help improve the digestion system, ridding all the body of toxins, which immediately makes us look brighter, clearer and fresher. Exercise again increases blood flow, which carries oxygen around the body. Therefore, exercising is another way of cleansing the body from the inside out, clearing skin blemishes and giving you radiant healthy glow.

Exercise also helps you cope in times of stress and this can contribute to a healthy mind and body balance. Follow these exercising tips and find a few minutes of your day. Complete someelbow planks,calf raises anddeep squats.Pushing yourself for these ten minutes a day will make a difference.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

drinking water

When you exercise it is important to stay hydrated; but this is important throughout the whole day. You have heard that everyone says water is good for you, this is because your body is made up of 70% water. Drinking water helps the body to regulate its’ temperature, it is essential for circulation, increasing energy and relieving tiredness as it transports water and oxygen around the body. The brain is also mostly water, staying hydrated helps you think, focus and concentrate. It can help with weight loss and often the body gives you a sign that you are hungry when in fact you are dehydrated.

Keep yourself topped up and invest infruit infused water bottlesthat you can add vegetables, fruits, and herbs to enhance the benefits of water, include super fruits like antioxidant raspberries.

Boost your breakfast, lunch or dinner

eating salad

Add some pomegranate seeds to your morning cereal, yogurt or as a snack as part of your salad or dessert. This little wonder fruit is full of antioxidant properties such as Vitamin C, helping to keep skin hydrated, neutralizing any free radicals. Increased Vitamin C intake increases the skin’s ability to produce collagen and give a firmer look and it can reduce inflammation caused by UV damage. Pomegranate juice may be a more convenient option than seeds for people on the go. High in fiber and as well as high in phytochemicals helping to promote heart health. Regular intake of pomegranate juice has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, a contributor to heart attacks and strokes, in a study people experienced reduction in blood pressure in as little as two weeks.

Go Coconuts


This really can be considered a superfood, as well as pomegranate. It can be applied topically, used as a makeup remover, it is a great moisturizer and can be used in place of mouthwash using a technique called oil pulling, removing harmful bacteria, improving dental health and reducing bad breath. Coconut oil can help reduce hunger, as the fatty acids are metabolized releasing ketones, which are an appetite suppressant. Coconut oil is great for cooking even at high temperatures and the fats go straight to the digestive tract making it better for the digestion process in sweet and savory dishes.

These are some really simple ways and products that can help you look and feel better in body and mind, for very little effort

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