How to Safely Buy Genuine CBD Oil Online

Picking up a specialist product such as CBD Oil at a petrol station, in the middle aisle of a budget supermarket, in a generic health food shop, or even on Amazon chances are it isn’t the CBD product it claims to be. A quick search for CBD oil on Amazon serves up more than 5,000 results, but for the record Amazon’s selling guidelines prohibit the sale of products containing cannabidiol.

The products that show up on Amazon and on the high street are most likely made of hemp oil, sometimes called hemp seed oil, which is extracted by cold-pressing hemp seeds. It doesn’t contain any THC and generally contains very little CBD. Here’s the thing these products won’t deliver any health benefits and simply won’t cut it.

Lab Reports
Check your retailer has laboratory reports. These should look legitimate and be produced by an independent organisation and carry a logo that isn’t just the that of the retailer. It is also good to check the information on the report matches what is being declared on the label and that THC levels are less than 1mg per container to comply with UK law.

Medical Claims
If a CBD retailer is making medical claims the likelihood is that they are not legitimate, being regulated or are worryingly unaware of the industry requirements. They are most definitely not abiding by UK regulations set by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency). Reputable CBD retailers in the UK are careful not to claim any specific medical benefits for the products because it is a legal requirement whilst scientific and clinical evidence is being tested and compiled. As a result, CBD is classified and marketed as food supplements. Reputable CBD brands DO NOT make unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits of CBD. There is no brand, business or retailer who can claim that their CBD product can “prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure” any condition.

Customer Reviews
If you go to a trusted third-party review websites like Trustpilot you will be able to see the genuine experience of others from customer service and the product quality. Look for how many people have left reviews for an indication of the established nature of the brand as well as what people are saying. Any business who is openly letting people share their experiences knows the value of transparency and honesty to help build relationships and enhance trust with consumers and its proud and confident in the high quality of its products and service.

The truth is many alleged CBD brands will deliver little if any real results because many of them contain almost zero Cannabinoids and are therefore ineffective. It is no wonder they have such little to almost no effect. There are lots of high-quality CBD Oil products available, you just need to do your basic research and pay attention to the numbers to help save your money on buying low quality hemp oils. At Synerva CBD Oils we pride ourselves in being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality, organic, THC free CBD Oil. Buy well, buy once … until you need to reorder of course! 😉

Get In Touch
Last but by no means least, speak to the company. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and give the company a call. If, like us, they are a legitimate business someone should be there with the knowledge to answer any questions you may have. Their customer service should be able to provide reassurance that the products being sold are authentic and advice on the most appropriate product for you.

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