White Confidence

egwrtgrtIt always seems so easy and natural when you see it on a screen, but it can be a nightmare when it comes to reality. It may be a kiss, singing, whispering something special to a lover’s ear, or a mere conversion; the perfect moment can be ceased or ruined by your oral hygiene. You can suit up all you want and wear the most expensive designer products, but a poor oral hygiene can ruin it all. It’ll be like the fly that spoils the expensive perfume. Conversely, a good oral hygiene can give you the confidence to stand before kings.

Life and Death

Don’t be scared now, or should you? As long as you are doing the right thing, there’s nothing to fear. What’s the “right thing” you ask? It’s simple, provided you’re taking good care of your teeth and their company, you are good. I mean, we are advised by ‘teeth doctors’ to brush our teeth at least twice a day, and floss at least once a day. These are important things, they say. But few of us really take this seriously. What many may not realize is that there’s a correlation between heart disease and oral hygiene.

Heart Health

Plaque forming in one’s mouth can be far more dangerous than just causing one to have bad breath. Apparently, the oral bacteria present in plaque can cause blood clots inside blood vessels. These can, in turn, lead to one having a stroke and alternative heart complications. It’s surprising to realize that such a serious condition can occur from not brushing one’s teeth. Nonetheless, this is a fact of life. It is wise to deal only with the truth. If you live a lie, like an ostrich dipping its head in the sand and assuming the lion is not coming, blame only yourself when the lion is chewing your legs off. This is a serious matter, at least for those who care, and it is from this perspective that this article has been fabricated to emphasize the importance of a good oral hygiene.

Keep Only the Teeth You Treasure

Having a good oral hygiene will not only give you fresh breath but it’ll also prolong your life, and enable you to live a more comfortable life. Brushing your teeth alone is not enough to maintain the recommended state of a good oral hygiene; you must also floss at least once a day – preferably before you retire to bed at night. Brushing your teeth manages to get rid of most of the surface threats in your mouth, but the sneaky and clever guys lurking in the shadows of your teeth may remain barely touched. This is where flossing comes in. Flossing will get rid of these sneaky guys leaving your teeth super clean. It’s one of the most effective methods for preventing tooth decay. The thing with flossing is that you should floss only the teeth you intend to keep. Remember how some old people have artificial teeth, which they soak in a glass full of liquid at night? They did not floss their teeth. Remember how some old people have only a tooth or two that are real? The rest fell off with time because they did not floss. This may be your fate also if you don’t floss. So, if you only need your canine teeth, floss them and forget about the rest. Molars? Floss them. Incisors? Floss them. And if you need all your teeth for as long as possible, then it only makes sense that you floss all of them.

The Secret of Fresh Breath

Keeping your mouth fresh the whole day is a process that demands discipline. If you don’t mind people keeping their distance while speaking to you, or while in your presence, you can ignore this. I say keeping your mouth fresh is a process because it involves a couple of things; you have to brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss, and some mouthwash. You’ve learned to brush your teeth since kindergarten, and some people even earlier (did you know there are toothbrushes for babies?). I believe enough has been said regarding the importance of flossing in the foregoing paragraph. Now, let me say something about the miracle of mouthwash. First things first, there’s mouthwash, and there’s mouth rinse. The former is used whenever you feel like – preferably after brushing your teeth. The latter is essentially used before brushing your teeth to prepare the way for brushing or flossing your teeth, or for your dentist to play with her instruments and fluids. I just want you to know the distinction, just in case.

Mouthwash plays a significant role in keeping your breath fresh, especially because you can use it more often than you can brush or floss your teeth. It’s considerably effective in cleaning your mouth, provided you’ve already brushed before, or you brush often. According to the team at pearlywhytes.com, it has agents that are effective in neutralizing bad breath, preventing cavities, gingivitis, dry mouth, fighting plaque, and guarding your enamel. In fact, the agents in mouthwash are so effective that some people have repurposed the liquid for preventing foot and armpit odor. Make regular of use of mouthwash, and people will never have enough of your presence. Be that as it may, remember that mouthwash alone is not enough to ascertain excellent oral hygiene. You must brush at least twice a day, floss the teeth you want to keep, and finish off with some mouthwash to guarantee a super clean mouth, and present yourself to the world with white confidence.

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