Top 7 Makeup Foundations in 2016

In this article, a friend of mine, Anne Marie Vernier, who is makeup specialist and consultant, is going to talk to about top makeup foundations in 2016. So, here we go.

I’m calling them foundations, but I don’t really like very high coverage therefore, these are going to be more like tinted moisturizers. Shopping for makeup is super fun for me especially for foundations and concealers. I’m always looking for the next best thing.

That’s why there’s been a lot of in and outs in my collection, these are the ones that have stayed, that I really love. Because the foundation is a very personal thing, you might not like something I love. It depends on your skin type and your preferences about the finish I’m going to start showing them in no particular order.

1. Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer


I think this is a great tinted moisturizer for dry skins that lacks luster. It has SPF 20 sun protection. Can also be a great option for mature skin because of the silicones in it that blur away wrinkles. Antioxidants also help with slowing down the aging process.

2. MAC’s BB cream


Mine is in a black tube like this with no labels because I got this in product development before it was launched. I also tried the Estee Lauder BB cream around the same time. If I compare the two, I think this one is much better. EL one dried much quicker and therefore much harder to blend, whereas this is much wetter in formula and easy to blend. The coverage is medium but looks very natural which is why I love it. It’s also the only base product I use from MAC.

3. No Foundation Serum from Perricone MD


It’s a very light product as the name suggests 4-5 drops are enough to cover the whole face. It’s very light coverage which is undetectable on the skin.

This is probably the most natural looking one in my collection. Makes your skin look like great healthy skin, without looking like you have anything on. The neuropeptides in it help with firming the skin but don’t expect any miracles.

The only downside is that it only comes in one shade, even I can’t use it when I get paler in the winter months So be aware of that if you have pale skin.

4. Dior Nude Air Foundation


This also claims natural skin like looking coverage, like you just got out the gym Has SPF 25. To compare with the Perricone, this one is more matte and provides more coverage. One of the things that really got my attention about this foundation was the smell.

You know how some scents take you back in time; this takes me to my grandmother’s makeup collection. Doesn’t bother me, but let me know if you get a sniff of it at a Sephora and whether it reminds you your grandma too. I use this one a lot day to day; it can be a good option to those who can’t match Perricone or want a higher coverage.

5. Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer from The Balm


It’s been one of my most used products since then, it’s definitely not matte but not glowy either, I think it’s a dewy finish. It’s not very high coverage, the color matched me perfectly (light medium). If you’re looking for a budget option, I highly recommend this one.

On top of everything, this one has the largest amount of product in it with 64 ml, whereas all the other foundations are usually 30 ml.

6. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua


The foundation that claims to give a second skin effect. I ran to get it when it first launched and when I heard what people were saying about it. This is my 3rd one since then, has a subtle sheen finish due to talc and alumina. You can still apply a layer on top of layer and it will continue to look natural. So you can alter the coverage as much as you like.

This is truly my only foundation that can cover so much and still look very natural. In my opinion, this is a very safe foundation in that, everyone can use this, it’s really easy to apply, you can’t apply it too much and make it look cakey.

7. Estee Lauder EE Cream


EE means Even Effect. Basically, a marketing technique but the actual product is really good. Out of all the products I’ve mentioned, this one has the most skincare benefits. It has licorice and just as many antioxidants as a moisturizer would.

Studies have proven that licorice helps with dark spots. Another good part about this is that you can wear this alone or under your foundation. It doesn’t make things look cakey, keeps everything nice and natural looking.

These are the top 7 foundations. Have any Suggestions? Pls comment 🙂

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