Dopp Kit Dump: The Items Every Man Should Carry

Dopp kits are on every gift list for men, but what exactly should go inside of one? The fact is that a lot of men, especially, those with low-maintenance self-care routines, struggle to figure out what to pack in these little bags besides a razor and shaving cream. Is there some secret packing list?

It may not be a secret precisely, but we’ve got the ultimate dopp kit guide for men who trying to choose their travel essentials. These 4 key categories should cover all your needs – and a little extra – whether you’re headed to a business meeting or a bachelor’s weekend.

Shaving Essentials

Dopp kits are synonymous with shaving, so when selecting items, it makes sense to start there. Ideally, you’ll want to equip your kit with a quality safety razor, but if you plan on taking your kit in your carry-on (and you should), you’ll need to swap that out for a cartridge razor to avoid an TSA snafus. Add to that a favorite pre-shave oil and easy latherless shaving cream for a smooth shave, and finish off with an aftershave balm. Rather than irritating aftershave lotions that contain alcohol, a balm will help restore your skin’s moisture and reduce redness and flaking.

Swear Off Sun

We get it – a solid tan gives you a healthy, rugged glow. The problem is that over time it can also give you skin cancer. Take the long view on skin care and make sure you’ve added sunscreen to your dopp kit. You can also opt for an SPF moisturizer, if you think you’ll skip the sunscreen otherwise. You may not notice the difference at first, but over time wearing sunscreen can prevent signs of skin aging like wrinkles and discoloration.

Care For Your Hair

How much you can put in your dopp kit depends in part on its size. We recommend a larger, leather dopp kit that can hold up to frequent travel, and go ahead and splurge on the personalization. With this large bag, you’ll be able to fit in all those little extras, not just your brush but also a travel hair dryer, favorite styling products, and shampoo and conditioner. You know that the free toiletries provided by the hotel won’t do you hair any favors, so bring your products with you.

Men’s Makeup Needs

Until recently, the idea that men would wear makeup seemed ludicrous to most men, though of course male celebrities did it all the time. Now, though, most fashion forward men recognize that if they want to look their best, they’ll need a little extra help. This is especially true when traveling since jetlag and dehydration can leave your skin looking dull, sallow, or blotchy.

For those who want to keep things basic, the only makeup you really need to bring along in your dopp kit is foundation and concealer, plus a little lip balm – though most men don’t feel as self-conscious about that. If you really want to impress, you can toss in a brow filler and bronzer, but they’re not necessary.

Pack It Right

Just because you’ve got your dopp kit doesn’t mean other packing rules go out the window. If your kit is in your carryon, be sure to pack any liquids so that they adhere with TSA rules – in containers under 3 ounces and in a separate bag. You don’t want to have to shuffle through everything to demonstrate that you’re following the rules while everyone behind you in the security line grows impatient.

Like a woman’s makeup case, a dopp kit is something the style conscious man should never leave home without. You might even want to invest in two: one to keep things organized at home and one perfectly calibrated for travel. That way, if a great opportunity comes your way, all you have to do is grab your kit and hit the road.

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