How to ace shopping for a gift for a 13-year-old girl?

Buying gifts for anyone can be a tough exercise. It becomes all the more difficult when you have to buy something special for a teen. Whatever the occasion is a birthday, Christmas or any other finding something suitable needs plenty of time and effort. You need to be smart about and it and there is no reason why you cannot buy a fantastic gift. Observe her in her room, at her house and how she spends her free time. All these will surely give you an indication about what gifts to choose.

Teens have easy access to fancy gadgets, fashionable clothing, and expensive cosmetics. There was a time when fashion magazines and MTV was their only window into the outside world. They barely knew what was in and what was passé. So, one could believe that having more exposure would help teenagers become decisive. Well, in some aspects, today’s teens are more aware of their choices, but they are still quite indecisive about what they want for their birthdays or the holidays.

Sometimes a simple nudge in the right direction can help with your selection. Here is a great list of gift ideas for your teenage princess.

For the blooming singer

Of a few things that have retained their prestige and fun, a karaoke system is ideal for teenage girls. It gets them singing, dancing and partying together. It gives them a chance to enjoy together, bond with their friends and even spend some quality time with their family. Karaoke systems come at varying prices, and you can pick one fitting your budget.

Harry Potter memorabilia

If you have your 13-year-old hooked onto Harry Potter, then, there is nothing better than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows inspired charms, earrings, pendants, and scarves. You can complete the package by gifting a customized acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Does she have the same rebellious streak Harry has, and Dumbledore adores? Get her a couple of HP-inspired temporary tattoos to liven up her special day.

Is there a photographer in the house?

Which 13-year-old does not love cameras? Are you tired of the selfie fever? Then get your teenager a camera, it can be a simple digital camera, a DSLR or a vintage device. Let her fidget with it and figure it all out. Throw in full subscription to editing software and learning courses. Watch the little shutterbug create magic. Check out more gifts for shutterbugs at ToyBuzz.

Sporty gifts for the outdoors girl

Does your 13-year-old love sports and outdoor activities? You can make their camping trips a lot more special by giving them camping gear, thermal blankets, light-weight and cool jackets, miniature bottle water filtration units, armbands for their iPod or iPhone and even a FitBit. Show them your support by picking something they value. Enhance their time outdoors with quality gifts that stay with them for a long time.

Bangles for Every Occasion

Bangles mean many things for many people. They symbolize wealth and social standing. In India, apart from gold bangles, girls and women also wear different types of bangles according to where they are from. For example, a set of 21 red bangles is a must-have for Punjabi women. On the other hand, Maharashtrian women wear green bangles paired with gold kadas. However, in south India, nothing is as auspicious as the good old gold.

Bangles are an ideal gift for girls and women. When you buy gift bangles, you could look for simple designs for everyday use or ladies gold bangles designs for special occasions. Today, you can easily buy new style bangles online from the comfort of your home: everyday bangles which pair well with all types of outfits, western or Indian.

Geek out together

For the little scientist in your teenager, you can get inspiring storybook compilations of women in science. You can get the complete Raspberry Pi 3 kit or Arduino Uno or Arduino Starter kit for her birthday. Has she always shown a particular interest in engineering and robotics? Make her day special by getting them the Star Wars inventor kit or a tabletop robot builder kit. You can even get them a mini and safe soldering kit to help them take the first step towards learning at home.

The book lover

There can never be enough books for a genuine book lover. While she will surely have a collection of the latest release, a good idea can be to get them gift vouchers of a bookstore. Another great option is to buy an ebook reader if she does not have it. And if she does have one, then get her some new books to add to her collection.

The budding artist

Has she recently developed an interest in creating arts and crafts? Well, now you have plenty of options to choose from. Get some markers, colours, crayons and drawing papers to add on to her collection. A good choice will be to buy a storage box to keep her even increasing art supplies. Add a few things like scissors, glue, glitters, and beads in the storage box, and the gift is ready. Additionally, she can even have an art and crafts theme birthday party with her friends on her special day.

Finding the right gift for a loved someone should never be a challenge. You need to follow the clues they are giving you, and you need to trust your instincts. It is best to steer clear of clothing and makeup since teenagers are quite sure about the kind of clothes they like and the makeup trends they follow. Drawing inspiration from the points mentioned above should guide you towards the right gift(s).

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