Top 5 Shelving Layouts for Retail Business Startup

Shelving is without any doubt among the most important part of the shop. The presentation and placing of the merchandise are crucial for the successful sale of the products. The presentation if the products play a significant role in determining how high the sales of the products will be. The products should be displayed in an inviting manner so that the customers are attracted towards the merchandise and they want to buy it. Visibility is another factor which is highly critical for the increase in the sales. The customers should be able to see all of the available varieties.

The important decisions while selecting the shop shelving for retail store are the material for the shelving and the type of the shelf material. The placement of the shelves is also an important decision because with the help of proper placement the visibility of the products can be ensured. The material should also be chosen according to the type of the material because the shelf should be able to endure the weight of the merchandise. There are shelves made up of steel, wood, plastic or glass. Each material has its own endurance ability. The glass doors are more suited for delicate merchandise like jewelry and the wood and steel shelves can also carry heavy weight merchandise.

There are several different shelving systems available. The shelving system can be chosen according to the layout of the place and the type of merchandise being stored or displayed. The shelving systems are used in shops, offices, manufacturing facilities etc. The shelves are available in an extensive range of designs, materials and prices.

While selecting the material of shelf to make sure you see whether it can endure the weight of the products or not. There are several different types of wood shelves, each with its endurance level.

Here are some of the systems of shelving from which you can choose your shelving system:

1. The fixed bracket type shelving systems:


This shelving system is made up of individual brackets. These different brackets can be used as stand-alone shelves or they can be used in combination with the additional brackets to form a multi-unit shelving system. This shelving system is available in metal and wood. They are hinged, attached or directly hinged to the wall or a case. These shelves are supported by the pins which are made up of plastic or metal. They are available in a variety of size and thicknesses. The wood brackets are available in an extensive range of the decorative styles. The bracket shelving is also known as suspended shelving.

2. The built-in shelving systems:



This shelving system is considered one of the simplest shelving systems. These shelves are the structures which are fitted within the nooks and other similar spaces. The simplest type of these shelves is the single plank of wood that is fixed horizontally over the opening of the wall. These shelves can be installed anywhere because they are very easy and simple to install. The can be fitted above the cabinets or below the cabinets or virtually any other place. They are so simple that they can be assembled and installed on site or you can construct them off-site as well. Installing them is also a pretty simple process. These shelves are an easy, efficient and flexible way of utilizing the small and awkward place and maximizing the storage space.

3. The floating shelving system:


The floating shelving system is pretty famous and popular. They are an excellent way of visibly displaying the products for the customers. They are not like the bracket units. The bracket units are attached with the help of pins and nails which are visible. The floating shelves appear as if they are not attached to anything and are floating over the walls and there are no visible hinges and screws. These shelves are also known as the torsion box. They are made up of engineered wood and the support to the shelves is provided by internal brackets. These shelves are available in a variety of colours and shapes. They also an excellent interior decorating accessory.

4. The corner shelving system:


If you want to maximize the storage space, these corner shelves are a good choice. They can maximize the storage space of the place and not take up too much of the space. There are a lot of fancy styles available. They are a good choice because they provide easy access to the corners which are hard to access. This shelf system is available in solid wood, engineered or laminated wood or plastic. They can be easily customized to fit into any corner available. The corner shelving system can either be floor based or they can be wall hung. They are an affordable and beautiful solution for storing and displaying the items.

5. The top hung storage shelving system:


The top hanging storage shelving system is commonly used on the storerooms. They are an excellent solution for displaying the store items like books, pens and several other accessories. In this shelving system, the section of metal is incorporated which is then mounted to the walls and then shelves and droppers are hung from these metal sections. If the walls of the area are lightweight, then these shelves are not at all suitable because the walls will not be able to endure the weight of the shelves and the items stored on them. The endurance of the wall is a major factor that should be kept in mind before using the top hung shelving system.

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