Questions to Ask Your Family Lawyers

frferwgetWhen it comes to hiring a family lawyer, it is imperative that you choose someone who has a similar attitude and approach to the case as you. Your family lawyer is your go-to person for all legal matters regarding whatever familial situation you are dealing with. Your lawyer should be in the same page as you when it comes to the end goal to be achieved in the case.

Here are some crucial questions to ask your lawyer to feel them out and see if they are the right one for you.

  1. What Is Their Experience in Family Law?

The very first question to ask is about the lawyer’s experience in family law. How long has he/she been practising family law? Only an experienced lawyer will know the ins and outs of family law and will be able to advice and guide you in the right direction.

Family law is a very extensive area. It takes experience to navigate it successfully, understand its nuances and help you get the best possible outcome for your case. Get a number on how many divorce, property settlement or child custody cases they’ve handled.

  1. How Accessible Are They? And What Is Their Response Time?

This might sound like a silly question to ask when in fact it is one of the most important. Ask the lawyer about how accessible they will be and what their response time is for getting back to you when you’ve called and left a message for them.

Knowing that you are their priority and that they are just a phone call away is a big relief when dealing with a divorce or child custody case. According to the Gorospe Law Group, you are bound to have a lot of doubts, and your local family lawyer should be available to explain things to you and clarify your concerns.

Also ask them about how regularly they’ll update you about your case. You need to be well-informed about all aspects of your case to avoid being taken unawares with any new developments. You don’t want a lawyer that is too busy to make time for you.

  1. Who Else Will Be Working on The Case and What Are Their Qualifications?

Quite often, family lawyers will engage the services of consultants such as an accountant or a personal investigator to help with your case. While bringing in such expert consultants could be highly beneficial, you need to be aware of who they are and what their qualifications are.

It’s surprisingly common to bring in a forensic accountant to track your former spouse’s finances, but you need to make sure the accountant is good otherwise some money that should be split between you may be hidden.

They may also need to bring in other lawyers if the case becomes very complicated, and if they do you need to know that the other lawyers are as competent as the person you are hiring.

In short, you need to be aware of any other paralegals, consultants or associates working on your case. Knowing that your case is in capable hands will bring you peace of mind.

  1. What Are the Payment Options? Could You Provide Me with A Rough Estimate as To the Total Cost?

Ask about the payment options available. Do they charge an hourly rate? Do they work on a retainer? Knowing what payment options are available to you will help you decide on which one works best for your financial situation.

You should also ask for a rough estimate of the total cost. An experienced lawyer will be able to predict the approximate cost and provide you with various scenarios that could potentially affect the cost.

Also ask them about the services that are covered by the cost and how much more you’ll need to spend if your case requires additional services that are not covered.

You will also want to make sure that any money you get out of the case will not be eaten away immediately when you pay your lawyer, so ask how much money they can realistically get you and how much it will cost to get that much.

  1. Have You Previously Worked on Cases Like Mine?

Be sure to ask if the attorney has worked on similar cases in the past. Each case is unique, but knowing that your lawyer has handled a similar case will help ease some of your worry and give you the reassurance that he/she is capable of understanding the complexities of your case and handling it with the knowledge and experience they’ve accumulated over the years.

Last but not the least, ask about what they think of your case. Is it unusual in any way? If yes, how do they propose you proceed with it? Do they think you will get a good outcome from the case? And, if a compromise can’t be reached, is the case worth pursuing all the way to the courtroom?

Child custody, divorce or property cases can be stressful, draining you mentally and potentially putting a dent in your finances. But when you take a proactive approach and find a lawyer that meets your requirements, you’re moving in the right direction.

A good place to start is to search for Sydney family lawyers online. Do your research and get in touch with lawyers you feel will be a good fit. Ask them the above-mentioned questions at the first consultation meeting to further know where they stand and if you want to hire them to handle your case.

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