How Concept Maps Can Be Used To Make Your Business Work Better

Did you know 65% of the general population are visual learners? Studies have proved that the brain processes visuals, images, and videos 60,000 times faster than text. As a result, many businesses have started using visualizing techniques like concept maps to work on new ideas.

It is considered one of the most effective techniques to understand the connection between various concepts and ideas for better apprehension. Moreover, many organizations use concept maps during brainstorming sessions to arrange ideas for the team to understand them better.

On the other hand, businesses can use an online concept map template to arrange the information and boost productivity.

What Is A Concept Map?

It is a graphical depiction of the relationships between ideas and concepts that assists you in comprehending the connection between every idea and how they are linked.

In a standard concept map, boxes, circles, or ovals represent the ideas or concepts. At the same time, arrows or cross-links illustrate the connection between these notions. Moreover, the arrows often contain linking terms or verb to help you grasp the concept map better.

Types Of Concept Map

There are several types of concept maps; however, spider maps, flowcharts, hierarchy maps, and system maps are the most used ones.

Spider Maps

As the name implies, this type of concept map resembles a spider map. In this format, you write down the primary topic in the center and work your way out to other themes in a circular manner. These subtopics can be further subdivided into smaller subtopics. Moreover, these maps are great for when a company wants to learn more about a specific subject.


Flowcharts are something that most of you are already familiar with. You can use a flowchart if you need to comprehend a process or make a choice. It depicts each phase of a concept and frequently employs arrows to highlight the decisions to be made or actions to be taken.

Hierarchy Maps

This type of map depicts how a hierarchical system is organized. Consider it from the organization’s perspective, where it sets out the designations, roles, and small groups. Moreover, people may use this to learn about the components of a system.

System Maps

A system map is more complicated than the other three simpler-looking maps. It depicts the elements of a concept and how they are connected. While they often resemble spider webs, they do not have to spread outward from the middle like a spider map.

Differences Between Mind Map And Concept Map

Sometimes the words concept map and mind map are used similarly; however, there are several differences, among those are:


Concept maps are often laid out from top to bottom. On the other hand, mind maps have a circular structure and are made in the center of a page, from which ideas flow out in all ways.

Subject Of Focus

Mind maps are more focused on a single topic or ideas than concept maps, which often consist of a group of related ideas. This indicates that a concept map contains several ideas, but a mind map has only one primary concept.


To explain the link between two ideas, concept maps include verbs or connecting words. However, mind maps employ few or no connecting words.


Concept maps are used to comprehend the link between various concepts or to solve problems. On the other hand, mind maps are only utilized for brainstorming.

Using Concept Maps In Businesses

Organizations utilize concept maps to gain a better grasp of the concepts or ideas. Team leads or managers will use these to plan out and discuss the activities that need to be performed with their team members. Furthermore, concept maps are used by certain firms to assess their competitive edge over other businesses in the same industry segment.

5 Ways Businesses Can Use Concept Map

Following are the five ways businesses can use concept maps to organize their work and boost the productivity of their employees.

1. Brainstorming Sessions

A concept map is an effective tool for brainstorming sessions due to its demonstrative nature. You start by writing the main idea and then add various sub-concepts. Every team member can share their thoughts as there are no limitations. Keep on adding them into the concept tool, gather all the information, and make a final decision.

2. Show Information In An Organized Manner

With the help of concept maps, businesses can display their concepts or ideas in an organized way to their employees. Moreover, it enables the organization to cater to different issues and come up with practical solutions.

On the other hand, businesses can use various concept map tools to make their presentation more appealing to deliver their message constructively.

3. Effective Planning

You can arrange and schedule your meetings with the help of concept maps. Moreover, you may assign various tasks to different team members or emphasize how one work is related to others. This illustrates how each job has a significant influence on the overall project.

Furthermore, use a concept map to stay organized during meetings and gather all the information in one place.

4. Combining Different Concepts

With the help of concept maps, you can integrate multiple types of information by using files or spreadsheets. They make sure you have access to all necessary information. Moreover, you can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be wasted combining scattered data.

5. Effective Project Management

Concept maps can be used to organize data and other resources to implement projects more efficiently. In addition, the concept mapping software enables you to add new activities and specifications in the plan for a better workflow.


Concept map is a useful tool to organize your information and ideas systematically. Moreover, many businesses use concept mapping to have a clear idea of the subject they are working on and find solutions to complicated problems.

On the other hand, organizations use concept maps during the brainstorming sessions to jot down different ideas shared by the employees, helping them boost their productivity.

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