Most Common Debt Settlement Myths

Credit card debt seems to be a major financial issue in the U.S.A. Unfortunately, several consumers are left without receiving the assistance they deserve and require simply because they are having a misconception of how debt settlement actually works. Some people are not able to make the optimum use of debt settlement to get rid of their debts while there are still others who are embracing debt settlement without examining the implications and the repercussions. While managing your debt, it is critical to know thoroughly about debt settlement, debt consolidation, and all other debt relief management techniques well. Let us explore some of the myths or misconceptions about debt settlement.

Myth No.1: Nobody would be qualifying for a debt settlement

This is pretty misleading. It is a fact that everyone would not be qualifying for debt settlement but of course, there are many who are qualified for debt settlement. Sometimes, however, those who qualify for debt settlement do not always get the huge reductions they are hoping for. However, in reality, it does not automatically imply that you cannot be eligible for a substantial reduction in your debts. You could seek free professional advice from reputed debt settlement firms that offer free consultations for clients to make informed decisions and make the right choice. Debt relief specialists would help you in determining if your financial issue and situation qualify for a request for debt settlement.

Myth No.2: Debt Settlement Is Exclusively for the Poor

This is a pure misconception. Credit card debt seems to be a perpetual issue for predominantly the middle-class borrowers. It is quite likely that the middle-class borrowers would be having credit cards. Typically, they are known to have relatively bigger lines of credit as compared to consumers belonging to lower income brackets. As per the Federal regulations, credit card issuers are restricted from boosting the upper credit limit of any account unless it has been determined conclusively that the specific customer has the relevant assets and the income for making the minimum payments. Debt settlement is not meant for only the poor.

Myth No.3: It is Unethical to Negotiate for Effective Debt Settlement

Credit card companies and banks try to project debt settlement as a truly unethical debt relief & management tool which demonstrates lack of integrity and character. But that is really unfair. Sometimes, there are individuals who would be using credit quite irresponsibly or sometimes, even fraudulently. However, most people who opt for debt settlement and seek negotiation have actually fallen into financial crisis situations and truly tough times thanks to circumstances and events beyond their control like family issues, medical bills, and even unemployment. Browse the Internet for debt settlement reviews for knowing and understanding clearly the implications of debt settlement and how effective it is in providing perfect debt relief solutions.

Myth No.4: Credit Reports Demonstrate the Unpaid Balance Associated With Debt Settlements

You must be aware that delinquent accounts would be showing on your credit profile for as long as 7 years. Your credit report is supposed to display the exact balance you owe especially, for landlords, employers, and lenders to see and assess your financial condition. However, things are not the same as debt settlements.

If your creditor has agreed to settle your debts, you do not any longer owe the forgiven balance or the remaining amount of your debt. That is why people seek debt settlement. You must understand that debt settlement is an effective debt relief tool for providing individuals with insurmountable debts, a clean slate. Do not forget that when the loan agencies or lenders report to the credit bureaus about debt settlement, your debt balance would automatically go down to zero. However, creditors could incorporate a note that may say that ‘settled for something less than actual balance.’ The actual content of such a note could also be negotiated while the debt settlement process is on. You may request for an omission of this note and your creditor may keep your request but there are absolutely no guarantees to that.

Myth No.5: All Debt Settlement Companies Are the Same

While choosing a debt settlement company, you must keep in mind that all organizations are not supposed to be the same. Some companies would be trying to scam customers into paying them exorbitant fees. You must use your wisdom and do proper research to identify the right company. Choosing a trustworthy company for debt settlement is crucial. Seek assistance from legitimate debt settlement agencies if you wish to save valuable time, money, and mental stress.

Myth No.6: I Could Settle My Debts Effectively On my Own

It could be pretty challenging to settle your debts totally on your own with collection companies. Many representatives would be making things really difficult for you to negotiate and settle effectively. There would still be others who would be insisting that debt settlement is not the right option for you. If you approach the qualified and experienced debt settlement agencies or counselors, you could settle your debts effectively and at the same time learn how to steer clear of debts in future.

Myth No.7: Debt Settlement Is Actually a Bad Idea

Even though settling an overdue debt would not be boosting your credit score, it is supposed to be a wise financial step. If you could afford debt settlement, it is best to go ahead with the idea. Settling overdue debts is surely a cost-effective method of satisfying your creditor and moving ahead with a peace of mind. You may alternatively think of ignoring collection accounts. That certainly is a bad idea as you run the risk of being sued by the creditor.


Do not get swayed by debt settlement myths. Do ample research online and seek consultation from qualified debt relief experts or debt counselors and choose the best way. Debt settlement could be the right method for many of you. Debt settlement could protect you from the collection attempts and you could get rid of the nagging and annoying collection calls. You could be saving a substantial amount of money eventually thanks to debt settlement.

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